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Our Strategy and Transactions Services (SaT) team will help guide you in creating financial and economic value for your deals, achieving the best capital performance, and meeting your strategic corporate objectives. Our SaT professionals advise strategies to raise, invest, optimize and preserve capital. We work with you to evaluate opportunities, make your transactions more efficient, and enhance and maximize enterprise value. Whatever the size, nature or location of your company – and your deals – we can help you in every step of the deal life cycle.

  • Raise: How can we win the competition for scarce capital?
  • Invest: How can we seize growth opportunities and competitive advantages?
  • Optimize: How can we increase and maintain investor confidence?
  • Preserve: How can we better anticipate and adapt to market conditions as they change?

List of Strategy and Transactions services


Enabling fast-track growth and portfolio strategies that help you realize your full potential for a better future.From market viability assessments to investment strategies to portfolio optimization, we help you drive profitable growth. Our highly integrated strategy capabilities help you identify new market and product opportunities, better understand current and future customer bases and optimize performance while minimizing risk. 

Our capabilities:

  • Portfolio and business unit strategy
  • New market growth opportunities
  • Strategic business model evaluation
  • Digital transformation strategy
  • Route-to-market design
  • Pricing optimization strategy
  • Customer segmentation
  • Sales and marketing effectiveness
  • M&A strategy
  • Commercial diligence
  • Capital allocation strategy
  • Tax strategy 
  • Full Potential ParadigmTM
Corporate Finance

Supporting better decisions around financing and funding capital expansion and optimizing capital efficiency.

Value creation is at the heart of our Corporate Finance CFO proposition. It aligns with our Capital Agenda and delivers optionality, risk mitigation, efficient operations and financial planning across all aspects of the capital agenda – from raising to investing, to optimizing and preserving capital.

From raising capital to fund large infrastructure projects to increasing value for shareholders, we have the people, analytics and tools to help you better allocate your capital and key investment decisions.

Our capabilities:
Valuation Services
Strategic planning and transactions are critical moments for companies, and we provide senior management with objective valuation advice to support their decision-making processes.

Financial Modeling
We advise clients in conceptualizing and developing modeling solutions that provide greater confidence to their key decisions.

Model Build  - We develop financial models for use in support of investment decisions, finance raising, business planning, development feasibility, valuations and/or disposals.

Model Review - We enhance the value of financial models by providing comfort to internal and third party users as to its logical integrity and mathematical accuracy. We also provide comfort on accounting and tax assumptions and agreement with other specified documentation.

Urban Development Advisory
We help our clients design future cities from end to end, using techniques in vision planning, detailed master planning, real estate strategy, economic and financial modeling, and key stakeholder engagement. Our modular approach towards building cities in block stages is designed for iterative development, to ensure that the design and planning of a Future City is adaptive to the evolving context over the medium-long term time horizon.

Infrastructure Advisory
Our Infrastructure Advisory services focus on supporting the entire infrastructure development from strategic planning to exit. We work with both governments and private sector players to provide financial advice through option appraisals, risk identification and management, development of financial models, funding options and negotiation support.

Other capabilities:

  • Forecasting, planning and analytics
  • Capital allocation and portfolio review
  • Corporate finance transactions
  • Optimization: cash flow and P&L
  • Optimization: balance sheet
  • Risk mitigation and corporate financial operations
Buy and Integrate

Enabling strategic growth through better integrated and operationalized acquisitions, joint ventures and alliances.

We help you identify the right assets to buy and integrate at the right price, and at the right time, to fully realize the value of the transaction. Whether full acquisition, joint venture or alliance, we work with you to quickly provide an effective and efficient new or integrated entity. 

Our capabilities:
M&A advisory – buy-side
On the buy-side, we provide strategy and execution support to clients seeking to increase their business services, scale of operations, access to new markets,diversifying their product range and investing excess cash — from target search, due diligence, bid preparation and submission, negotiation and closure.

Other capabilities:

  • Commercial, cyber, financial, IT, operational, HR and tax due diligence
  • M&A integration
  • Joint venture set-up and planning
  • Operating and organizational model design
  • Readiness support
  • Synergy assessments
  • Transaction analytics
Sell and Separate

Enabling strategic portfolio management and better divestments that help you improve value from a sale of an entire company, carve-out, spin off or joint venture.

Our strategic portfolio management advice helps you decide what and when to monetize. Our divestiture services help deliver full value from a divestiture, whether you are a corporate or a private equity fund, as we help you limit disruption, manage remaining cost structures and allow you to focus on future growth. We execute across the broad divestiture life cycle, including strategy, separation and stabilization upon deal closing. We enable management to craft the value story and deal model, market to buyers, optimize tax attributes to buyer and seller, prepare carve-out financials and develop operational separation plans.

Our capabilities:
M&A advisory - sell-side 
We provide strategy and execution support to clients seeking to sell, merge or divest their business or selected assets as part of our sell-side advisory services — from exit readiness, investor search, due diligence coordination to negotiations and closure.

Other capabilities:

  • Portfolio strategy, optimization and management
  • Divestments, carve-outs and spin-offs advice
  • Equity story development
  • Preparation for negotiation and execution
  • Improvement of the remaining business
  • Tax structuring
  • Bridging of audited financials to deal-basis financials
  • Readiness assessment and day one planning
  • Operational separation planning
  • Presale diligence, including advanced analytics
Reshaping Results

Providing trusted leadership in urgent, critical and complex situations to rapidly solve business challenges, sustainably improve results and help you reshape for a better future.

We work closely with clients motivated to transform financial and/or operational performance through value creation, value preservation or value recovery; and where a sustainable outcome is desired.

All sectors are facing disruption. Certain trigger events cause disruption to become business critical issues. Companies must build resilience to prepare for, and respond to, these trigger events before options evaporate and the risk of losing control increases.

Reshaping Results is SGV/EY’s set of solutions to help stakeholders facing these trigger events. It is a broad experienced capability that we bring to clients, which is underpinned by a variety of competencies working in collaboration on delivery. 

Our services

Fields of Play

Strategy & Transformation

We help clients execute their company growth strategies by utilizing our Transformation Realized approach. This encompasses a set of capabilities to drive new growth and enables companies to achieve transformative performance.

Service lines:

We enable fast-track value creation for inclusive growth. This facilitates strategic growth and portfolio management through better integrated and operationalized acquisitions, joint ventures, alliances and divestments. We help clients make the most of the transactions they enter by providing guidance throughout the entire process, from decision-making to post-closing. We also help them reimagine their tax and finance functions to achieve a sustainable corporate tax function that meets their specific needs.

Service lines:
Customer & Growth

We help clients map their customer journey, identify the touchpoints that matter, and design and implement a unique customer experience that delivers on the client’s brand identity and promise. 

Service lines:
Supply Chain & Operations

We help clients reinvent and transform their supply chain functions and outcomes across the business through the use of EY-developed solution assets and emerging technologies. This Field of Play links solutions across our key capabilities and competencies, including Global Trade, Tax, Technology and Digital.

Service lines:

We help companies understand the risks and opportunities arising from climate change and sustainability issues. We help them respond to these issues by understanding and evaluating the broader value impacts and outcomes, identifying the opportunities, and supporting the reporting of nonfinancial performance risks.

Service lines:

We help clients transform the IT risk, cybersecurity and data privacy functions and outcomes in the business, including cyber risk, compliance and resilience; data protection and privacy; identity and access management; and technology risk, technology resilience and technology controls.

Service lines:

We help clients understand and manage their tax compliance and reporting obligations responsibly and proactively by assessing, improving and monitoring their tax function’s processes, controls and risk management while helping them maintain effective relationships with tax authorities. 

Service lines:

We help clients transform the finance functions and financial outcomes of the business, including reporting, profitability, cost management, credit risk, liquidity risk and actuarial. We utilize highly skilled global resources to help our clients define a tax operating model that may further their strategic efforts and bring innovation and transformation to their tax function. 

Service lines:

We guide clients towards embracing disruption, embedding a risk optimization mindset and differentiating themselves through trust – helping them transform the risk and controls functions and outcomes of their businesses. We provide services that assist them in protecting their businesses, customers and shareholders by deploying innovative technology, advanced analytics and effective reporting mechanisms. We also help them manage third-party risk with the use of extensive strategic solutions that can be tailored to suit their needs. 

Service lines:

We help clients transform their IT function and IT-related outcomes. We also assist in their digitalization strategies. 

Service lines:
Audit & Governance

We help clients build stakeholder confidence and trust, managing regulatory responsibilities and driving long-term, sustainable growth. 

Service lines:
Legal* & Investigations

We provide holistic guidance around strategic business decisions, investigative support and capabilities, reducing the gap between business advisors and legal counsel and offering support services that increase efficiency and reduce costs of routine legal activities. We optimize our clients’ legal function to align it with their broader digital business transformation goals. 

*Legal services are provided only in markets where permitted.

Service lines:
Organization & People

We help clients transform their HR and people functions to achieve business outcomes, enabling a better workforce experience and new ways of working.

Service lines:
Financial services organization

Financial Services Organization

FSO works with clients in the banking, capital markets, insurance, wealth and asset management sectors. As today’s financial services market is global, constantly changing and highly regulated, we offer a dynamic approach to help manage uncertainties and the opportunities these present. The SGV / EY-Philippines office is one of the key FSO locations in the Asia-Pacific. The Asia-Pacific FSO operates across four markets: ASEAN, Greater China, Korea, and Oceania and four Service Lines: Consulting, Assurance, Tax, and Strategy and Transactions. Our strong global teams, local capabilities and seamless collaboration bring innovative problem-solving, breakthrough performance gains and sustainable value creation to our clients and stakeholders.

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