CCaSS team hosts Sustainabits session on waste management

The SGV Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) team hosted a Sustainabits session on “Engineering a Greener World for a Better Future – Advanced Technologies on Waste Management and Garbage Recycling.” This session aimed to orient and inform the SGV community on sustainable waste management technologies. The session was attended by about 555 SGVeans on 28 October 2022. CCaSS Associates Ericka Mae G. Lima and Aljomar T. Pedrosa together with CCaSS Manager Ma. Rebecca S. Ruiz were the presenters for this session.



Rebecca welcomes the participants



Ericka discusses the basic definitions of waste and waste management. She is joined by Rebecca and Aljomar.


Among the topics discussed in the session were the fundamentals of waste management, advancements in technologies for waste management, global and local policies, and SGV’s Total Resource Use and Efficiency (TRUE) Program for achieving its zero-waste goal. The definitions of waste and waste management were introduced followed by a discussion on the 5R guiding principles and the waste management process cycle. 


The second part of the session focused on waste disposal methods, new waste management technologies, the concept and principle of upcycling, and an in-depth discussion on the 5Rs. The pitfalls and disadvantages of the current disposal methods were also discussed along with the dangers they pose to the open environment. 


The current global and local policies implemented to protect and sustain the environment through socio-economic means were discussed in the third part of the session. The session concluded with a discussion on the TRUE Program implemented by the Firm as a form of integrated corporate initiative. SGVeans were encouraged to show their commitment to be part of this initiative to achieve the zero-waste goal through proper waste management in the SGV I and II buildings.


The Sustainable Actions for Value Creation and Enablement (SAVE) Council’s Sustainabits initiative is a series of half-hour webcasts that cover ideas, movements, principles, and best industry practices on sustainability, social equity, and climate change. 

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