Zambalescapade 2011

The perfect busy season ender for AFJ cluster

AFJ cluster concluded this year’s busy season with a three-day out-of-town get-together in Pundaquit, Zambales where Anawangin and Capones islands are located. Dubbed Zambalescapade 2011, the cluster celebrated its triumph over the busy season through a variety of team-building activities and an entire day of island hopping. The 56-strong cluster was divided into tribes representing the four elements — air, fire, earth and water — to battle it out in physically challenging and mind-boggling activities to bag the top prize.

This year’s escapade achieved its goal of fostering camaraderie and enhancing teaming among the members of the cluster. Working together and displaying the same level of zeal and energy as they had during the much-needed break, there is no doubt that AFJ cluster will achieve their goals for this fiscal year and successfully tackle yet another busy season.

To the upcoming busy season, AFJ cluster’s battle cry is this: “Bring it on!”