VLS cluster conducts The Big Picture Workshop

To further understand and communicate the message and purpose of Vision 2020 down the firm’s organizational structure, Market Group 5 Leader Vicky Lee-Salas (VLS) spearheaded a cluster-wide interactive discussion about the firm’s ambition, strategy and positioning held last 20 December 2013. Entitled The Big Picture Workshop, the session tackled four important aspects of the road to Vision 2020: (1) our changing marketplace, of which we should be aware of; (2) our purpose of building a better working world; (3) our strategy to achieve our goals; and (4) what we need to do as members and professionals of EY.

Cluster managers Ray Francis Balagtas, Miguel Ballelos, Remybelle Sarmiento and Veronica Mae Arce led the discussion and linked individual success, discipline and commitment in building a better working world. Throughout the discussion, VLS gave her insights on how the cluster can inculcate Vision 2020 in their day-to-day roles, mainly through exceptional client service. The session ended with the participants sharing their commitments in terms of how they will contribute to building a better working world and achieving Vision 2020.