Spotlight on Advisory

Everyone is talking about disruption and transformation these days. But we want to differentiate ourselves by naming the era we are living in as the Transformative Age, which is more positive and impactful. With SGV’s unique position in the market and our relentless focus on exceptional client service, we are better equipped in our journey to becoming the number one consulting brand in this Transformative Age.

Advisory, in simple terms, is providing clients with support or advice in any aspect of their business. We help them in their transformation projects to increase efficiency/security, cut costs, improve customer relationships, address compliance requirements, to name a few. And while the current Advisory structure is composed of 2 sub-service lines—(1) Performance Improvement and (2) Risk—our strategy is to offer our clients with an integrated solution to seamlessly address their requirements.

Some of the things we do include:

· Implementing service and cost improvement initiatives
· Assisting clients in implementing fundamental change in their operations performance to support sales growth, become more cost competitive, minimize risk, and ensure operational resilience
· Embedding a performance management process and culture that unites the business around its core objectives
· Unlocking customer value through organizational and strategic changes
· Helping organizations achieve alignments in finance, IT, and HR
· Supporting complex and large scale program and portfolio management
· Enabling robust and agile risk-aware organizations
· Dealing with cybersecurity and data privacy issues from high-level strategy and governance work to detailed technical operations

Advisory is led by Rossana A Fajardo, who also heads Performance Improvement. SGV Chief Risk Officer Leonardo J Matignas, Jr leads the Risk sub-service line.

SGV eNews will regularly feature Advisory services and solutions as well as team members to showcase the diverse competencies that the service line can provide to clients.