SGV welcomes Suyen Corporation

SGV hosted recently cocktails for Suyen Corporation at the SGV museum. Suyen Chairman Ben Chan and President Virgilio Lim, and various Suyen executives attended the occasion to celebrate the new professional relationship between Suyen and SGV. The engagement will be for the well-known fashion brand Bench, which is managed by Suyen.

In his opening remarks, Chairman and Managing Partner Vic Noel praised Suyen for its excellence in the retail industry. He shared his insights on how Suyen and SGV share the same core values such as excellence and integrity. Deputy Managing Partner and Assurance Head Itos Cruz offered a ceremonial toast.

President Virgilio Lim expressed trust and confidence in SGV, saying that it was the Firm’s success from the 1940s to the present that inspired them to be part of its roster of clients.