SGV Museum officially launched

On June 28, 2011, SGV partners joined founder Wash SyCip to officially open the SGV Museum. Located on the 45th floor of the Shang Grand Tower, the museum was built to preserve the rich heritage and legacy of the company. The project was spearheaded by an SGV Museum Committee that worked closely with experts from the Ayala Museum led by former director Bill Luz and curator Ditas Samson. The museum was launched as part of the firm’s 65th year anniversary celebrations.

In his welcome remarks, SGV Chairman and Managing Partner Vic Noel said that the SGV Museum was the company’s gift to the future, a means by which future SGV staff could learn not only how SGV began, but also what it stands for – integrity, quality and leadership. SGV founder Wash SyCip noted that the museum strengthens the relationship between SGV and the Ayala Museum. In a surprising turn of events, Mr. SyCip also made a donation of one of SGV’s prized paintings to the Ayala Museum.

Ayala Foundation’s Vicky Garchitorena also shared a few words, “We all know how important it is to document important events in the history of our country; to offer our youth role models to look up to; and to leave a legacy of excellence, passion, and dedication for the generations that come after us to study and emulate.” To read the rest of Vicky Garchitorena’s message, please see section below.

The launch was graced by unexpected guests who came to give their warm regards to Mr. SyCip, including notables such as Mr. Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, former US Ambassador Thomas Hubbard, and Ambassador Roberto Romulo.