SGV holds fora for chief audit executives

SGV recently held two fora for chief audit executives to discuss the results of a survey conducted by EY on various internal audit departments across all organizations globally. Titled Matching Internal Audit talent to organizational needs, the fora provided participants with opportunities to learn about current trends in Internal Audit (IA), which are relevant and critical to the success and expanding role of the IA function. Risk Advisory partners Leo Matignas, Becca Sarmenta and Ian Canlas discussed the survey background and overview, IA focus areas and having the right person in the right place with the right job.

Clients from various industries participated in the 10 September session while representatives from banking institutions joined the 18 September session, which was also attended by MG5 leader Vicky Lee Salas and partners Francis Lumbres, Bok Malantic and Janet Paraiso. Senior director Mayday Cypres hosted both fora.