SGV celebrates another successful year

SGV partners and staff celebrated the Firm’s 67th Anniversary Ball last 2 August at the SMX Convention Center.

Chairman and Managing Partner Vic Noel welcomed everyone to the celebration, commending the staff for another year of delivering exceptional service. SGV founder Washington SyCip encouraged the SGV family to continue upholding the legacy of excellence.

Assurance senior director Kristopher Catalan received the prestigious SyCip award for successfully leading and managing a core team for a high-level engagement. SGV Special Awards were presented to Assurance senior associate Bryan Chrisnel Baes, Core Business Services Supervisor Luisa Anne Hebron, Advisory Associate Director Randyl Tabajonda and the Project Jupiter Core Team.

Assurance partners Tess Baes and Johnny Fullecido, who are both retiring, were recognized for their outstanding service and loyalty to the Firm. Both retiring partners were serenaded by the SGV Glee Club while videos were shown in their honor. They also received Ferdinand Cacnio sculptures as tokens of the Firm’s appreciation for their many years of service.

The program included an introduction of this year’s CPA top placer recruits, the loyalty awards, and promotions. There were performances by SGV Got Talent Season 1 and 2 winners Ralf Gulfo, Mikhail Salinas, VJ Sayson, Ro-anne Saludares, Michael Petrasanta, Vinel Pestano and Florence Valderama. At the conclusion of the evening, our new partners Francis Ricamora (FJR), Jonald Vergara (JRV), Joseph Ian Canlas (JMC), Jhoanna Feliza Go (JCG) and Christine Vallejo (CGV) were formally presented to the staff.

Singer Erik Santos performed the closing number,accompanied by a flash mob performance by some SGV staff members.

SyCip Award
Kristopher Catalan
Senior Director, Assurance

Special Awards

Bryan Chrisnel Baes
Senior Associate, Assurance, MG5

Luisa Anne Hebron
Supervisor, Core Business Services

Randyl Tabajonda
Associate Director, Advisory, MG2

Project Jupiter Core Team
Kristopher Catalan
Albert Bon
Angelica Dizon-Pasco
Romel Gabrillo
Rian Ceasar Soliman
Glenda Anisco
Enrico Rullan
Maria Luisa Eschavez
Myrrylyn Chrysanthemum Estomo
Von Zierwin Villanueva
Atty. Tesi Lou Guanzon
Juan Miguel Machuca
David Lerio
Christopher John Pinto

Happy 67th SGV!