SGV at 70: Training matters

SGV’s culture of lifelong learning was first inculcated in the 1950s when the Firm began conducting structured training sessions at night and on the weekends, upon the recommendation of Artemio “Ray” Raymundo, who received training in the USA.

A program of continuing education for staff hastens their professional development. They go through in-house training or are sent for training abroad besides being trained on the job. By 1995, the Firm had granted scholarships for graduate studies in top local and foreign universities to a total of 285 SGV professionals. Currently, over 150 of our partners and staff have graduate degrees.

With the development of technology, the SGV training program now includes web-based learning, webcasts, case studies and simulations.

SGV Fact: Did you know?

Ray Raymundo was also the first scholar sent by SGV abroad to study for an MBA degree in finance at New York University (NYU). He was sent for training to Arthur Andersen, the first accounting firm in the world to provide full-time training to its staff. SGV was the second.