SGV at 70: Going beyond the nation

SGV was one of the very first multinational Filipino companies to expand outside of the country. In the 1960s, the Firm built a network of associated firms and partners in neighboring countries – the beginnings of The SGV Group. SGV collaborated with T.N. Soong & Co., an accounting firm in Taiwan, in 1964. This was soon followed by the organization of SGV-Na Thalang & Co. in Bangkok, Thailand in 1967 and the partnership with Kantor Akuntan Drs Utomo of Indonesia in 1968. Two partnerships were established in 1970: SGV-Kassim Chan & Co. in Malaysia and Goh, Tan Foo & Kon of Singapore. Soon enough, SGV-Thuan & Co. was established in South Vietnam. In 1974, SGV-Sun Hung Kai Ltd., the member firm in Hong Kong, was inaugurated, followed by Ahn, Kwon & Co. in Korea.


In 1983, The SGV Group counted 4,000 Asian professionals working in 33 offices in 10 Asian countries.

SGV Fact: Did you know?

The SGV Group started out from a visit by SGV Founder Washington SyCip to Taipei. In a dinner he hosted for Mr. SyCip, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Head Howard Parsons said the US agency was phasing out its aid program in Taiwan with its success in agriculture. Taiwan would need credit to finance its projects after USAID pulls out and therefore, cid:image015.jpg@01D170A6.192AC350companies based in the country would need reliable financial statements.

Taiwan’s finance minister C.K. Yen suggested to Mr. SyCip during the dinner to put up an SGV firm in Taipei. Along with Mr. Parsons, he recommended tying up with T.N. Soong, the most respected accountant in Taiwan. This gave birth to The SGV Group.