SGV at 70: Celebrating 50 years of investing in people

By 1966, SGV was well on its way to becoming the largest accounting multinational entity in the region – proving its ability to blaze new trails and redefine its future. When the SGV Foundation (SGVF) was established on 30 April 1966, it also proved the Firm’s capacity
for compassion and commitment to nation-building.

Instituted by SGV Founders Washington SyCip and Alfredo Velayo, as well as partners Cesar Virata, Benjamin Abela, and Erlinda Villanueva, the Foundation sought to develop social consciousness among SGVeans and to contribute to the country’s development by empowering people. Just as the Firm continues to provide training and learning opportunities to its partners and staff, the Foundation also focuses on education, providing scholarships, financial support, and grants.

As part of its programs and advocacies, the Foundation also has projects that relate to the social, moral and economic development of communities and families. It works closely with other foundations on relevant and aligned projects.