Sario Delis shares the joys of running

FIDS senior associate Sario Delis never expected to get into running, specially since he had unhealthy lungs back in college. However, the SGV Running Club and his cluster friends who were into running triggered his interest in running. Just recently, he completed his first marathon — the 42-kilometer race of the 35th Milo Marathon. Sario talks about his experience during the race and his passion for running. 

Please tell us about your experience during the 35th Milo Marathon. 

It was the toughest athletic pursuit I had so far. It was raining hard in the first 25 kilometers. A number of runners opted to withdraw from the race because of injuries incurred while running under the rain through some flooded streets of Manila. I was undaunted, however. Throughout the race, I kept my thought fixed on the finish line. The thought of my good friends welcoming me once I crossed the finish line kept me energized. They are the good people who unwaveringly supported me in my training and I just couldn’t afford to fail them.

On the 28th and 35th kilometer, I had serious cramps in both legs and I had to stop in the medics’ station for pain reliever and massage. I was toying with the idea of quitting then but the encouragement from gracious fellow runners had been so invigorating. I finished the race with slight injuries. I was so thankful to God for protecting me and keeping me able in my first marathon. 

How long did you prepare for the marathon? What was your training regimen? 

On the marathon date, I had only been running for three months but I was quite certain that the preparations had been sufficient. In the running community, the conventional notion is that one must have been running for at least a year to be fit to race a marathon. But after I completed four half-marathons in a span of 5 weeks, I was anxiously craving for a full marathon.

The training had been rigid. I need to complete at least four runs a week and must log at least a total of 50 kilometers per week. On Sundays, I need to run at least 21 to 35 kilometers. On non-running days, I frequented the gym for core, back and legs routines. And during lax days, I cross-trained to cycling. 

How did finishing the marathon feel? What’s next for you? 

I honestly shed some tears when I saw the finish line arc. I was enormously ecstatic while crossing the finish line with the boisterous cheers of my friends. The last time I felt like that was when I saw my name published as one of the successful examinees in the 2007 CPA board exam. It was truly blissful. Today, I’m eyeing some marathons and ultramarathons in Australia and the United States. I’m registering for two marathons in Singapore and New York for this year. My ultimate dream is to race in a triathlon before this year ends.