FSRM associate successfully climbs Mt. Apo

Financial Services Risk Management Senior Associate Ruben Simon Jr. is part of a 16-man team to successfully climb Mt. Apo, the highest peak in the Philippines with an altitude of 9,692 ft above sea level. Their team, composed of experienced mountaineers from all over the country, took the Kapatagan-Kidapawan trail. The climb registered a total of 22 hours’ trekking time which includes the five-hour assault to the boulders that lead to Mt. Apo’s crater – one of the highlights of the trail. The whole expedition spanned three days and two nights, during which the team had to contend with thunderstorms, occasional zero-visibility, heavy winds coupled by low temperature and precarious terrain.

Ben, for his part, has been preparing for Mt. Apo since January this year by climbing mountains during weekends. “For the most part, the climb was more of a test of mental fortitude. How do you maintain your composure when you’re already physically spent-up and there’s still long way to go? Mountaineering teaches you that the only person you need to outdo is yourself,” he explains. Mt. Apo is the 10th mountain he has climbed.

In February next year, Ben, along with a team of 8, will take on Mt. Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia, the tallest in Southeast Asia.