LAP ushers in the year of the Black Water Dragon

On January 17, 2012, the Liberal Arts Program started the new year with a bang with “2012: Year of the Water Dragon.” The event kicked off with a crash of drums as the Lion King Lion Dance Group took their brightly colored dragon mascot and enthusiastic lion dance teams around the various SGV Makati offices. The group danced around the floors of SGV I and II, as well as our extension offices at the IAcademy and National Life Insurance Company buildings. Partners hung “ang paos” — small red envelopes filled with money — on their doors to be plucked by the dancing lions. This offering is believed to be reciprocated with prosperity and abundance.

The dance culminated at the eCafe which was followed by a talk on Filipino-Chinese culture, history and traditions for the Lunar New Year by Ms. Teresita Ang See. Tikoy, hopia, siopao and hot tea were shared by the attendees following the talk.