LAP sheds light on territorial disputes

The Liberal Arts Program held a lecture on the issues surrounding the territorial disputes between China and the Philippines titled Baselines of the Philippine Archipelago on 25 October at Washington SyCip Development Center.

The talk was given by Ambassador Henry Bensurto, Jr., former Secretary General of the Commission on Maritime and Ocean Affairs (CMOAS) Secretariat of the Department of Foreign Affairs. He will soon take up the post of Deputy Chief of Mission in Washington DC. Amb. Bensurto gave an overview of the dispute in the West Philippine Sea, its causes and current governmental efforts to address the issue.

The lecture was attended by senior directors and partners including Gerry Sanvictores, Ana Lea Bergado, Tonette Tionko, Aileen Saringan, Clair Mangangey, Djole Garcia, Johnny Fullecido and Janeth Nuñez.