Jaycee Santos is SGV’s newest CIA

Senior associate Jaycee Santos (WPT Cluster) made it to the Top 50 global list of the December 2011 Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) examination. We caught up with Jaycee and asked her how she achieved such a feat even with her burgeoning responsibilities in the firm.

Q: How did you prepare for the exam?
Preparation is key. So despite financial and time constraints, I really took it upon myself to review as much as I could and get a hold of all materials I could find. I was lucky enough to have gotten a copy of Gleims Lesson Proper and Practice Problems, which was a tremendous help in understanding the concepts and theories behind each subject matter.

But it was not all about reviewing, for me. I made sure to take breaks as a way to refresh my mind. It really is very important to be prepared, but it is equally important not to overwork your brain.

Q: What pointers can you share for your colleagues planning to take the exam in the future

If you plan to take the CIA exam, study hard, be resourceful and stay focused. No one has ever reached their goals without hard work. Don’t just study because you want to pass, study because you want to learn. During my review, whenever I would get the correct answer to the practice problems, I didn’t simply proceed to the next question. I also read the explanation as to why it was the correct answer. This practice helped me gain a deeper understanding of the concepts.

Also, when faced with a problem you did not encounter during your review, rely on your work experience. SGV has given us the training we need, and I assure you, 50% of the questions required stock knowledge and analysis.

Good job, Jaycee!