Jay Ballesteros heads for Global CVA celebration!

Tax senior director Jay Ballesteros is one of three winners who will represent the Asia Pacific Region in the Global Chairman’s Values Awards (CVA) celebration to be held in London this December.

“Being one of the overall Asia-Pacific CVA champions drives me to be responsible for the decisions and actions I make, to empower our people by committing them to a culture of world-class teaming, and above all, to always act with utmost integrity,” Jay shares. He says that our values are the foundation of EY’s culture and that they help us build a better working world by inspiring us to look beyond our own interests.

There were times when his values were put to the test, particularly when clients are reluctant to apply new issuances due to different views on the implications of their transactions. In such cases, he works with our partners to help clients recognize the potential tax implications clearly. He relates, “Throughout these experiences, our shared EY values commit us to maintain our independence – both from our clients and the tax authorities. Empowering both of them taught me more about leadership and empathy: Leadership requires an almost unparalleled excellence at the task at hand, and the ability to impart this to others. Empathy in this profession is manifested in the professional act of doing whatever is necessary for another’s affairs – as if they were your own.”

Jay’s partner-in-charge, Bing Miranda, is very proud of his latest achievement. “He truly deserves this recognition, which I feel is long overdue. Many people nominated him for this award and the numerous comments about his nomination came not only from different service lines in the Philippines but also from other countries — which speaks well of the high regard and respect they have for him,” she notes.

To everyone who supported him through the entire CVA process, Jay extends his sincerest thanks:
“I’m very grateful for the opportunities that allowed me, a work-in-progress, to somehow make a difference and contribute to the improvement of our profession and society. Thank you all for constantly encouraging me to bring our values to life.”

Congratulations, Jay! Continue to make SGV proud.