Get ready to nominate!

The time to celebrate how extraordinary our people are has come! Starting April 18, you can begin nominating your colleagues to our 2011 Chairman’s Values Award (CVA).

The CVA is one of the ways we say “Thank you for a job well done!” to our people whose energy and dedication make a positive impact to the Firm. They are why our clients choose to work with us and one of the reasons why we remain the leading and largest professional services Firm in the country.

When considering colleagues for the CVA, ask who, through living our values:

• Teams beyond borders?
• Has the courage to make the Firm stand out in the market?
• Motivates and encourages you everyday?
• Welcomes new ideas to drive positive change?
• Goes above and beyond their clients?
• Makes the Firm a great place to work?

Don’t let these extraordinary people go unnoticed. Think about people you know who consistently demonstrates our values, and get ready to nominate!