FSO encourages healthier lifestyle through knowledge session

To promote a healthier lifestyle, the FSO team recently hosted a Knowledge Session on Health and Wellness at the WSDC. The event focused on how health and wellness can build a better working world for SGV FSO professionals. Managers and partners from MG5 and FSO attended the event.

Chad Davis, a wellness coach and motivational speaker, shared his insights on the impact of holistic development. He discussed the ‘live well’ lifestyle citing how it gives individuals more energy and a happier outlook. Davis also emphasized the importance of getting enough rest, saying: “Sleep is life.”

Davis enumerated 10 basic points to become healthier. He suggested prioritizing the following: getting some sun, drinking water and eating healthier. Among the basic points, exercise ranked 10th. He stressed that one should repair the body first before putting it to work.

Before wrapping up his discussion, Davis shared some before and after photos of clients who participated in his health and wellness program. Davis claims that through his program, his clients – and even their family members – experienced higher levels of energy, a stronger immune system and improved productivity.

The session was organized by Senior Manager Catherine Biliran and Manager Emelyn Benitez.