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Maintaining Your Trust

To grow and create value, your company must have the trust of its customers, lenders, and investors.

The integrity of your company’s financial information and the reliability and security of your technology are critical components in garnering this trust and gaining access to global capital markets. Whether you are managing issues associated with globalization, addressing technology vulnerabilities in the connected economy, or looking to assure the fairness of your financial information — SGV & Co. can help.

We have invested substantially in innovating our global, risk-based audit methodology and technology and knowledge enablers. All our auditors are equipped with our global audit process management and documentation tool. The methodology is supplemented by comprehensive standards and quality controls that are applicable to every client engagement.

External Audit

We provide independent assurance on financial and nonfinancial information to meet regulatory and other stakeholder requirements utilizing world-class business-process-based methodologies and supporting tools. Our Global Audit Methodology and Documentation Approach is a risk-based approach that focuses on the drivers of the business, the associated risks, and the potential effects on financial statements accounts, and delivers a consistent, high-quality audit anywhere in the world.

Compilation and Review Services

We provide compilation services by presenting in the form of financial statements information the representations of management (owners) without expressing any assurance on the statements.

We also provide review services by performing inquiry and analytical procedures that provide the Company with a reasonable basis for expressing limited assurance that there are no material modifications that should be made to the statements in order for them to be in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles or, if applicable, with another comprehensive basis of accounting. This service generally includes limited review of interim financial statements.

Accounting Consultations

We assist companies in the proper applications of accounting principles and provide awareness of new accounting principles that will become effective. These services generally include reports on the application of accounting principles, reports on accounting position through technical research, and accounting updates seminars.

International Accounting Standards Conversions and Advisory

We assist companies in converting their present financial reporting system to International Accounting Standards (IAS) and in addressing accounting, auditing, and other reporting needs as well as other associated business issues. US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) Conversion We assist companies in converting their present financial reporting system to US GAAP and in addressing accounting, auditing, and other reporting needs as well as other associated business issues.

Regulatory Compliance

We assist companies in completing certain reporting requirements under existing rules and regulations of regulatory bodies such as the Board of Investments (BOI), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Philippine Export Zone Authority (PEZA), and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

Extended Audit Services

We provide customized assurance services beyond the traditional external audit scope, such as services on branch project audit, audit of specific account, and fixed asset count.

Accounting Advisory and Consultation Services on Deal Structuring

We advise on the accounting impact of the deal structuring transaction on the financial statements and alternative treatments that might be relevant. This will assist companies in maintaining appropriate market valuation, managing financial reporting risks, understanding sources and timing of earnings and cash flow performance, and determining accounting impact of the transaction structure.

Due Diligence Work

We review financial information based on agreed-upon procedures, assisting acquirers/investors in determining factors affecting the price and post-acquisition financial issues and providing integrated support throughout the acquisition process.

Forensic & Integrity Services

• Fraud and Forensic.
We assist companies in preventing fraud by implementing fraud deterrence programs, as well as provide expert advice and assistance during fraud investigations.

• Assurance Support and
Extended Audit Services. We can provide you with experts to support your external auditor or for expanded operational audit coverage to allow your internal audit function to focus on completing its internal audit plan.

  » Strategic Risk Assessment.
     We assist companies’ top management in developing a summary of the key risks that
     must be properly controlled to optimize shareholder value and insights into how to best manage
     these risks.

  » Risk Management Transformation.
     We advise companies on how to improve existing risk management capabilities
     against leading practices.


Driven to Exceed Your Expectations

As today’s business environment becomes increasingly complex with a host of tax rules and regulations, it is imperative that businesses equip themselves with the best advice on these matters to compete effectively and efficiently.

NOW, more than ever, enterprises need to find new ways to align their tax strategies with their overall business needs, while meeting their compliance obligations wherever they arise. Our Tax Services can help you make these things happen by assisting you in identifying and implementing the best possible approach to all tax and business concerns.

Tax Compliance Review

Our tax professionals provide a diagnostic evaluation of a company’s tax position, practices, and procedures to determine whether they comply with Philippine tax laws. The objective of the undertaking is to identify potential tax exposures and recommend corrective actions.

Tax Planning Engagement

We help companies identify opportunities or areas where they can effectively generate tax savings within the parameters allowed by law. Tax planning can be made in the areas of regular and minimum corporate income taxation, fringe benefits taxation, etc.

Tax Due Diligence Review

We provide an investor with insights as to the potential tax exposures of an investee company to help determine the valuation to be attributed to the investment and thus, arrive at a sound and informed business decision.

Tax Advocacy/Controversy Work

We assist clients in liaising with the tax authorities for requests for rulings or opinions from the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Department of Finance and in handling controversies and disputes arising from tax assessments. We can also represent enterprises in filing administrative claims for refund from the national and local governments as well as provide assistance in obtaining tax credit certificates from the authorities. We also provide assistance in the sale and/or purchase of tax credit certificates by handling and verifying the related documentary requirements as well as liaising with the tax authorities.

Litigation Support Services

We assist taxpayers who have claims for refund or who have tax assessments by providing a detailed review of the documents supporting their claims for refund or position against the assessments and presenting these to the Court of Tax Appeals. This helps facilitate the presentation of evidence in Court.

Investment Advisory Services

Our tax experts help prospective investors determine the most costand tax-effective vehicle/structure for Philippine inbound and outbound investments. We also assist in the related registration requirements. Likewise, we help plan and implement strategies to reduce tax liabilities for taxpayers doing business in multiple taxing jurisdictions. We can also help develop or review existing financial models for companies to ascertain the tax-implications of different alternatives being considered in the acquisition of investment portfolios.

General Advisory Services

We offer sound and expert advice on a wide range of tax matters such as those relating to corporate organizations and reorganizations, build-operate-transfer projects, joint venture agreements; various contracts and financial products; revenue legislation and rules, etc. We also provide advice and assistance with the registration and reporting requirements of government agencies relating to tax and/or investment incentives granted under various investment laws and regulations as administered by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Department of Trade and Industry, Board of Investments, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Philippine Economic Zone Authority, Clark Development Corporation, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, Local Governments, etc.

Transfer Pricing Services

We provide organizations with a professional assessment of whether their existing intercompany pricing policies comply with tax laws and regulations by reviewing existing transfer pricing methods and recommending the adoption of the optimal model. Likewise, we help formulate planning ideas to ensure that pricing policies comply with regulations in different taxing jurisdictions to reduce risk of double taxation and arrive at an optimal supply-chain structure. We also provide integrated, multi-country approach to meet substantiation requirements to efficiently document transfer pricing policies.

Customs Services

We provide Post-Entry Compliance Review, which can help companies prepare for a Customs audit and thus, minimize potential deficiency customs duties assessment and penalties. Likewise, we can also help business proactively plan future importations to minimize customs duties through our Pre-Importation Planning and Review Service. This will cover the determination of appropriate valuation and classification of importations to be made as well as other requirements to be complied with to ensure the release of the imported goods from the BOC. Moreover, in case of controversies and disputes with the BOC, our Customs Advocacy Service can provide organizations with the expertise and resources in effectively handling these matters. Our General Customs Service can likewise assist companies in securing the necessary permits, clearances, and licenses related to companies import requirements.

Contract Tax Services/Outsourcing

Our tax professionals can provide assistance in determining a company’s tax liabilities, preparing related returns, and remitting these taxes to regulatory agencies within the prescribed deadlines. As an alternative, our Staff Loan services can provide specialized tax expertise in a company’s office to extend real-time and responsive service to meet various tax needs.

Income Tax Return Preparation

We provide companies with expertise in the determination of compensationrelated tax and social security liabilities through our Payroll Outsourcing. The service extends to the preparation of employees’ and expatriates’ Philippine and US Tax Returns as well as in other reporting requirements to be submitted to regulatory agencies.

Estate/Family Wealth Planning

We offer advice on how to effectively reduce gift and estate taxes. We provide tax planning for wealth transfer and tax advice on creation of trusts, and prepare estate and donor’s tax returns.

Tax Seminars

We organize seminars to equip your people with a “Back to Basics” understanding of the Philippine tax system. Focus is on the principles and fundamentals of how various types of taxes operate with details on their implementation and administration. Included in the seminars are discussions on current issues to update participants with the latest pronouncements of various tax agencies. Other seminars also cover tax issues on local government taxation, how to handle claims for refunds and assessments, etc.

Tax Performance Advisory Services / Tax Technology and Transformation

We assist our clients with the strategic and operational challenges facing their tax functions. We also help our clients improve the effectiveness of their tax function and in the implementation and/or optimization of tax processes and software tools. Tax Performance Advisory services include tax function process improvement reviews, process design, software implementation and enhancement, tax data enablement.


What does it take to succeed in the Transformative Age?
The nature of work is evolving fast, new generations are now dominating the workforce and we’re all being asked to adopt new behaviors. To be more innovative, more agile, more collaborative, more everything.

Business is anything but usual. And navigating the Transformative Age demands we ask better questions.

• How can AI enhance human potential?
• Could you execute your strategy better by seeing digital from every angle?
• Do you change your people or change the way your people work?
• Does cybersecurity only become a priority once you’ve been attacked?

We believe better questions come from better connections. This means embracing a diversity of ideas and a rich mix of talents, backgrounds
and experience. These combined perspectives will give you new insights and equip you to operate in an entirely new way.

It’s clear that the more we all connect, the better able we are to meet the complex challenges of our times, and forge new paths to growth.

Welcome to the Transformative Age
An age where the upside of disruption can create limitless opportunities. An age that demands better questions. And better connections.

Are you ready to navigate the Transformative Age?

Digital campaigns and solutions

Digital strategy and innovation


Our clients operate in a constant state of emergence. Companies must evolve at a speed that matches the pace of digital technology adoption, and the way customers experience a company is as important as the company’s products and services.

Every internal business model and process is vulnerable to not keeping pace. Any company that fails to take advantage of existing and emerging digital technologies will be left behind.

We believe that converting these disruptions to opportunities requires a different kind of strategy – a “re-strategy” manifesto that evolves at digital speed.

We can help you:
• Formulate your digital strategy
• Refresh your operating model
• Inspire the customer and employee behavior you want

Here’s a challenge: devising an innovation strategy that creates and captures economic value. No wonder so many companies struggle to drive real results. They don’t know how best to create, incubate and activate strategies, and commercialize opportunities.

We have an agile innovation approach to help clients instill a core innovation strategy across the entire organization.

What we offer:
• Just-in-time scaling: experiments without massive up-front investments in people, process and technology
• Disruptive outsourcing: metrics to determine when to persevere, redirect or disengage
• Commercialization and scale: from entrepreneurial to traditional management

Technology is rapidly changing how goods and services are sold, where companies base their operations, how they connect with their customers – and virtually every decision has a tax implication. Tax authorities are struggling to keep pace and taxpayers are struggling to comply as technology and the burgeoning digital economy drive new digital tax laws across industries and around the world. We can help you on your digital journey, identifying and advising you on how to deal with complex digital tax issues and helping you achieve both digital tax effectiveness and digital confidence.

Digital is a continuous form of disruption to new and existing business models, products, services or experiences, enabled by data and technology across the enterprise.

Digital is not an IT strategy or one-off investment. The scale of transformation needed requires a long-term capital strategy. The key challenge for many companies will be a lack of sufficient capital to meet their digital ambition.

Businesses need to take a holistic view and incorporate an effective capital strategy into their business strategy.

Digital Deal Economy highlights:
• 87% are explicitly considering digital transformation in their capital allocation planning
• 55% have a sophisticated method in place to quantify the capital needed
• 67% of companies are planning to use M&A to upgrade their digital capabilities

Protecting your investment

How do I protect acquisitions from digital disruption? Digital is a continuous form of disruption to new and existing business models, products, services or experiences, enabled by data and technology across the enterprise.

Digital disruption brings challenges and opportunities to the business models of companies across all sectors globally. It involves the interplay between many aspects of a company’s operating model, including corporate strategy, customer experience, supply/value chain management, IP ownership, tax planning and IT.

From assessing value drivers to due diligence, there are challenges that need addressing when dealing with M&A driven by digital transformation.

Acquirers need more sophisticated and powerful processes for identifying, approaching and screening opportunities. Working with the right advisor can play a pivotal role in understanding and realizing value from a transaction, while also reducing risks.

Maximize return on investment
How do I best value a digital business? Digital is a continuous form of disruption to new and existing business models, products, services or experiences, enabled by data and technology across the enterprise.

Digital is disrupting the traditional business ecosystem and competitive landscape. Playing fields are being leveled, giving small start-up companies or non-traditional competitors the same level of market access as an established company.

Young companies are difficult to value for a number of reasons. Some are start-ups with new technologies and idea businesses, with little or no revenues and operating losses. Even young companies that are profitable have short histories and most young firms are dependent upon private capital – initially owner savings and venture capital and private equity later on.

As a result, many of the standard techniques we use to estimate cash flows, growth rates and discount rates either do not work or yield unrealistic numbers. In addition, the fact that most young companies do not survive has to be considered somewhere in the valuation.

Digital experience and transformation


Most companies know they should be doing more with digital – particularly when it comes to the customer experience.

Our clients often ask us how they can:
• Keep pace without knowing the future
• Prepare to compete against a company that doesn’t yet exist
• Balance what is working today with what needs to change for tomorrow

We believe the answers lie in a different kind of transformation. It’s not about implementing technology to improve the customer experience – it’s about running a business like a digital leader.

Rather than undertaking various digital projects in pockets across the organization, companies can industrialize innovation across their entire business – creating a culture that continuously iterates and improves the customer experience.

We can help you:
• Stop “doing digital” and start “being digital”
• Drive experience transformation
• Create new sources of value by prioritizing customer experience investments

Digital operations

Many of our clients know their operating models aren’t fit for purpose in a digital world. First up – they need to overhaul their operations by applying digital to core business processes in supply chain, finance and HR.

While digital capabilities can often be found in various pockets, many organizations know they’re a long way from infusing digital where it needs to be: throughout their business.

Enhanced digital operations allow leaders to achieve a disruptive and agile organization – resulting in performance breakthroughs and new business opportunities.

• Traditional approaches to business operations have only achieved a savings of 3%-5% for cost of goods and 5%-10% for selling and general-administrative expenses. Digital operations have the ability to deliver 25%-40% of cost savings.
• Digital has the ability to drive higher levels of productivity run time using a connected supply chain with IoT, 3D printing, automated-guided vehicles and robotics.
• Enterprise-wide transformation can be enabled by predictive workforce analytics, augmented reality and cloud technology.


Tax technology. Technology both defines and underpins the workings of the new digital tax function and its operating model strategy. Tax-specific technology makes it possible to answer the mandates of the global digital economy and meet the demands of changing tax data flows, data analytics and data requirements. This new tax function needs new skillsets as well, including a tax technologist who is multilingual, fluent in the languages of tax, finance and IT. These changes have also given rise to EY’s Digital Tax.Tech, with focus on connecting the people, process and technologies that companies need to fuel innovation, power competitive advantage and build a high-performing tax function.

Tax big data. Data drives all things digital. You may already be using big data to track and improve customer activities and experience. Now, managing tax big data and leveraging it for better visibility into and out of the enterprise has become a critical success factor as well. Tax big data management is scalable – it not only enables more efficient compliance, it also supports the entire tax function, from planning through controversy. We can help you get more out of your tax big data, turning it into a valuable enterprise asset that can improve visibility and provide insight to facilitate strategic business decisions.

Digital trust


We aim to help our clients become intelligent information-driven organizations, where fact-based decision making is embedded into daily operations from the boardroom to the front line. At the same time, we help them understand the essential role that the human element plays in elevating raw info to powerful insights and decisive action.

Regardless of industry, business function or data maturity, our clients will benefit from our three spheres of experience:
• Demystify: We demystify the language of analytics and artificial intelligence, demonstrating how insights can fuel confident, fact-based decisions.
• Align: We help build the structures and processes that convert data into a strategic asset, aligning data capture and analytics within critical streams of the organization.
• Harness: We help identify hidden performance drivers in both traditional and non-traditional data functions, from operations to customer experience, talent and HR, marketing, risk and more. And we harness AI, automation and predictive capabilities to streamline processes and navigate the future.

Digitally connected entities, people and data increase the likelihood of exposure to cybercrime in both the work and home environment. We collaborate with our clients to create innovative answers, designing a trusted digital identity ecosystem from strategy to execution. Our identity management innovation delivers scalable, flexible and effective full lifecycle identity management solutions, from assessments to managed identity management services.

An effective identity management solution can help clients achieve the following benefits:
• Enablement of their digital platforms
• Reduce the cyber risks related to erroneous use or misuse of user access privileges
• Achieve compliance with internal policies and applicable industry laws and regulations
• Reduce the operational cost associated with managing digital identities
• Improve business and end-user satisfaction (e.g., reduced staff on-boarding time, simplified access and improved user access review)

Organizations need to evolve their risk management function by implementing the right people, processes and technology to move along their organization’s digital journey.

Organizations can start this transformation by building a digital trust framework to capture the value create value by benefiting from the right risks brought by Digital presents while staying compliant, capable and protected across the digital ecosystem.

By incorporating risk into the entire chain of decision making, organizations can build trusted strategy, trusted implementation of new solutions, and trusted operations.

We provide clients with a comprehensive digital Trust framework to ensure they are compliant, capable and insured across the digital ecosystem.

Digitalization is helping make governments stronger, faster and smarter as tax authorities are harnessing the power of digital to improve tax administration, counter fraud and facilitate taxpayer compliance. They’re requiring near real-time data reporting and performing increasingly sophisticated analytics. Companies have to keep pace and EY can help bridge the gap between data compliance and tax readiness. We create processes and leverage leading-edge technologies to capture and analyze real-time data streams, going beyond compliance to inform valuable business insights, prepare digital responses, enhance transparency – both inside and out – and help build digital confidence among regulators, your shareholders and stakeholders.


Digital grid

Financial crime

Future of mobility

Digital growth market solutions

Navigate the Transformative Age with the better-connected consultants.

Major regulatory change. The rise of emerging markets. Ongoing economic uncertainty. Technology-driven turbulence. Increasing consumer expectations. These challenges offer the key to future profitability for insurers who make the right strategic, investment, organizational and operational changes. They must identify and assess new options for value creation while continuing to manage risks and meet emerging regulatory requirements.

Combining the experience of our dedicated actuarial and risk professionals and close partnerships with related practices, we provide truly integrated services across all disciplines in the insurance industry.

Our deep global knowledge comes from our work with insurance companies, banks, pension funds, private equity firms, sovereign funds and local regulators and enables us to answer key challenges the industry faces.

Our global practice helps organizations around the world successfully meet these challenges. We can help you ask the right questions, set priorities and define the action plans needed to succeed in the fast-shifting insurance landscape.

Together, we help you deliver better outcomes and long-lasting results, from strategy to execution

Everywhere you look, technology is transforming customer experiences and expectations, and it’s happening faster all the time. In this fast-paced digital world, you need to revolutionize your customer strategy.

More than new technology, you need a completely new mode of thinking that puts customer trust at the center of the entire organization, enabling you to create customer relationships that lead to unwavering loyalty and sustainable profits.

Our diverse teams, combined with our global connectivity and understanding of your industry issues, inspire us to ask better questions. We then work with you to come up with innovative answers that create experiences with the transparency, authenticity and integrity that really set you apart from the competition.

Together, we can help you build trusted relationships that enable you to deliver better outcomes and sustainable growth.

For us, a better working world means solving big, complex industry issues and capitalizing on opportunities to help deliver outcomes that grow, optimize and protect your businesses.

Cybersecurity is not just a technology or risk issue. It’s a strategic business imperative. Working with our better-connected consultants helps you deliver better outcomes and long-lasting results, from strategy through execution. Our access to a global ecosystem of talent, strategic alliances, intellectual property and managed services means we connect you with the right insight at the right time.

Finance is a very different world from what it was just a few years ago. Today finance functions have to look at how the whole of the organization – and beyond – impacts the bottom line.

We’ve shaped a global ecosystem of CFOs, controllers and other accounting and finance executives to help you enhance the value that you’re adding to your enterprise.

We’re inspired to ask better questions. And we work with you to create more innovative answers, collaborating across the organization, helping you improve finance and accounting processes and delivering the technology to help make it happen.

Our global connectivity means we can combine deep operational consulting capability with industry-specific leading practices. We have alliances with sector-leading businesses such as SAP, so you get the benefits of their insight. This ongoing collaboration means, together, we can support better outcomes and long-lasting results.

As a leading provider of integrated risk management and regulatory services to the banking and capital markets, insurance, asset management, energy and corporate treasure sectors, we can help you tackle the numerous challenges of risk management.

We maintain dedicated Financial Services Risk Management (FSRM) advisory resources which offer a combination of qualitative, quantitative, regulatory, and technology skills along with broad industry experience. The team includes industry practitioners, many former regulators and quantitative analysts to provide specialized integrated risk measurement and risk management services to leading financial institutions throughout the world.

Our understanding of the issues around risk – the risks you can see as well as the ones you can’t – inspires us to ask better questions. By teaming globally with you we create innovative answers that can help you see risk management as a means to accelerate your performance.

Together, we help you deliver better outcomes and long-lasting results, from strategy to execution.

Today, change is coming faster than ever before – and there is more of it. The sheer velocity of change has upended the business environment and rearranged the landscape.

Organizations must identify, assess and address emerging risks without losing sight of their existing business and control environment. They are not only working to get ahead of the curve – often they are struggling to keep up – and not always succeeding.

Management, audit committees and boards of directors rely on internal audit (IA) to provide assessments and assurance around the effectiveness of controls and company processes, while also providing support in a diverse array of risk and business process improvement areas.

Our services can help clients strategically assess, remediate and improve control issues identified, while also elevating the profile of internal audit in identifying and addressing complex emerging risk areas.

We help organizations achieve cost efficiencies in their internal audit functions through the variable cost model we offer, combined with our offshore capabilities. Additionally, our ability to bring innovative ideas and advisory support, greater technology enablement and broad subject matter experience in complex areas globally allows us to help clients gain significantly enhanced value from internal audit and across other important priority areas of the organization.

On top of existing pressures to cut costs, build stakeholder confidence, expand market reach and improve operational agility, every organization wants to know how to gain a competitive advantage through its people — the right people with the right capability, in the right place at the right time, for the right cost, doing the right things.

For us, a better working world means helping to solve big, complex industry issues and capitalizing on opportunities to help clients grow, optimize and protect their businesses. Looking at people as part of an integrated business strategy, organizations are able to gain a competitive people advantage. We team globally to help you advance your organization and, as a result, strengthen both the value of your workforce and your people’s roles and careers. Truly successful transformations only occur when the desired skills, mindsets and behavioral and cultural change are second nature to everyone in your organization.

We have shaped a global ecosystem of consultants and external professionals. The resulting culture of collaboration and shared innovation can provide you with a network of insights and thinking. All to help you design better outcomes and deliver long-lasting results.

Big, complex business transformation, infrastructure and IT programs promise a lot of value – but often fail to deliver. Program management is about reaping the benefits of change.

We help you turn big, complex programs into big, sustainable value.

For us, a better working world means helping you deliver outcomes that grow, optimize and protect your business.

We believe that when program management and business transformation work better, the world works better. So we work to understand your specific issues and are driven to ask better questions:
• Would you rather be 5% under budget and late, or 10% over budget and a year ahead?
• Should you address processes first and be more efficient over time, or simply comply with regulations to avoid potentially massive fines?
Whatever the answer, we can help you tame the chaos of large programs, control every moving part and unlock value for the long term.

Risk Assurance covers all risk services where we provide independent assurance and the preparation towards assurance to our clients where the assurance can be used by our clients to build confidence and trust with their customers, the general market/public, key stakeholders or when regulatory (by law or oversight) or contractually required.

We can help with:
• Working with Audit professionals to help create trust and confidence in their financial reporting and internal control over financial reporting
• Business growth, by providing assurance to clients and other stakeholders related to internal controls
• Business improvement, by assessing risks and controls related to business imperatives, such as launching new products/services, implementing new technologies or remediating control issues
• Providing industry/sector insights and thought leadership with a focus on risk and control matters

Every challenge and every opportunity an organization faces today demands change. And with change comes risk. Some risks you can see, some you can predict, some you can plan for, and some you can’t.

Organizations are not created to manage risk; they are created to generate value as part of a broader aspirational purpose. That purpose is achieved through a series of strategic business decisions that require taking risks – these risks impact business performance. Organizations that identify, manage and respond to these risks well are positioned to grow and remain successful.

Our understanding of the issues around risk – the risks you can see as well as the ones you can’t – inspire us to ask better questions. By working globally with organizations, we can create innovative answers that help enhance and accelerate business performance.

Transforming the way they manage risk requires business to challenge the way they think about, identify, manage, and, respond to it. Organizations need to look beyond manageable risks (financial, operational, regulatory), better align their risk and business objectives, improve coordination and alignment of risk activities across the organization, and more effectively leverage technology so that they can better respond to their different risks.

Together, we can help deliver better outcomes and long-lasting results, from strategy to execution.

Clients know that strategy becomes pointless without swift, agile execution. It’s the actual doing, the execution fastened to the thinking that benefits you the most.

We believe a better working world means addressing big, complex industry issues to deliver outcomes that grow, optimize and protect our clients’ businesses. We work with you to turn thinking into execution; to accelerate profitable innovation and digital ecosystems; deliver breakthrough innovation strategies; optimize organizations’ capabilities; and help drive growth and manage risk.

Our diverse teams, combined with our global connectivity and understanding of your industry issues, inspire us to ask better questions. We then create innovative answers. Together, we deliver better outcomes and long-lasting results, from strategy to execution.

Supply chains and operations are undergoing radical restructuring as they meet the challenge of improving performance in a world of unprecedented complexity and opportunity. They must balance increasing needs for agility and responsiveness against driving down costs and improving cash.

We believe a better working world means addressing big, complex industry issues and opportunities to deliver outcomes that help grow, optimize and protect businesses. We work with you to help you effect fundamental change in your operations performance to support sales growth, become more cost competitive, reduce risk and enhance operational resilience.

Your supply chains and operations should be viewed as sources of strategic competitive advantage, and we can help you identify and invest in the right operating models to unlock the full value from this strategic asset.

Our global connectivity, including alliances with sector-leading businesses such as Procter & Gamble, means we can combine deep operational consulting capability with industry-specific leading practices, so you get the benefits of a wide range of insights. This ongoing collaboration enables us to help you design better outcomes and deliver long-lasting results.

Technology is at the center of business change – and provides opportunities to improve performance, manage risk and drive innovation. Getting the technology right can be the start, or the end point, of a transformation.

Every organization’s needs are different.

To succeed, you need innovative insight, business perspective and change expertise to unlock the potential to drive growth, save costs today and invest in tomorrow. We are inspired to ask better questions and work with you to create innovative answers.

The key is our global connectivity and culture of collaboration: with our clients, with expert consultants – not just in the technology field but from risk, cybersecurity, people and organizational change – and with alliances such as IBM, Microsoft and SAP.

We help you see the big business picture, with technology as a key part and driver of it. This ongoing collaboration enables you to design better outcomes and deliver long-lasting results.

In a dynamic economy such as the Philippines’, growth is essential for your business if you are to stay ahead. Growth through transactions is a route chosen by many companies as they seek to take advantage of market opportunities. We appreciate that bold transactions are complex and daunting in scale.

Our professionals can help evaluate, structure, and execute the deal you need. No matter what the size of your company, where it is located or the business you are in, we specialize in providing transaction expertise at every step of the deal lifecycle.

Transaction Support and Transaction Tax.
We provide financial, tax, operational and commercial due diligence assistance to investors and companies. Our team can help you understand the true value of a target company, structure the deal from both a general business and a tax vantage point.

Commercial Advisory Services.
We provide market and commercial advice to help you make the right decisions on strategic direction, whether organic or thru acquisition. These decisions are hinged on a strong understanding of the environment, industry, market, competitor, customer and operations. Our team will work closely with you in evaluating these factors and developing insights into your or your target’s business.

M&A Advisory.
We provide strategic insights on transaction candidates and deals. Whether evaluating a buyor sell-side transaction, we can help identify, negotiate, structure and close transactions to better connect transaction strategy with business strategy.

Transaction Integration.
We help you to ensure the seamless blending of financial, tax, and legal elements of the transaction and help to capture the value identified prior to the acquisition.

Corporate Restructuring.
We help companies and investors improve their total expected return in situations of deteriorating performance, growth and transformation.

Non-Performing Loans.
We assist the designated NPL resolution team to develop overall resolution strategies.

Valuation & Business Modeling.
We can support senior management decision-making with independent and objective advice relating to M&A, divestitures, restructuring, strategy design and implementation, financial reporting, litigation and risk management. We can assist in the valuation of businesses, shares, intangible assets, capital equipment,
and employee share options for a multitude of purposes.

Project Finance Advisory.
We assist clients in pursuing project finance endeavors by providing advice on securing approvals, structuring of the commercial and financial aspects of the transaction, identifying and approaching sources of funds, including the required credit enhancements.