WS turns 96

SGV Founder, Mr. Washington SyCip, recently celebrated his 96th birthday with current and alumni SGV partners at the Makati Shangri-La.

Retiring SGV Chairman and Managing Partner Vic Noel, who also marked his last day with SGV, welcomed all the guests. In a touching message, he shared, “As a young staff, it was my dream and aspiration to meet Mr. Washington SyCip. And since the day that I met him, Mr. SyCip has been my greatest role model and inspiration. I know that the same is true for the countless generations of SGV professionals who have been a part of the Firm for the last 71 years. Even at 96, Mr. SyCip amazes everyone with his boundless enthusiasm and curiosity, keen business acumen and incredible memory.”

The Japanese-themed dinner party also featured a video presentation on the Tsuruki-En Japanese garden within the Washington SyCip Park in Makati City, followed by a birthday toast led by former Prime Minister and SGV retired partner Cesar Virata.

Happy 96th birthday, Mr. SyCip!