WRB: ITRA Partner, IT go-to guy and shutterbug

More than being the Partner-in-Charge of IT and an IT Risk and Assurance (ITRA) partner, Warren Bituin is also an avid “photo hobbyist.”

Warren’s love affair with photography started in 1994 when he was seconded to Australia. Seeing how picturesque the land down under was, he bought a beginner’s camera and snapped away at the beautiful scenery. “High-end cameras are useful for night photography or capturing dynamic action shots but it’s equally important for the photography enthusiast to develop an eye for composition. Because the ‘eye’ will help you bring out the beauty in the mundane regardless of the kind of camera you’re using,” says Warren.

He also urges his fellow enthusiasts to grab every opportunity to practice and that includes joining photography clubs. Reading up on the latest techniques in photography is also helpful. “There is so much opportunity for learning — read heaps and heaps of magazines and surf the Internet. Feed your passion and do everything in your capacity to hone your craft.”

What’s next for Warren is his hope for the SGV Camera Club to take an active role in developing our people, saying: “We aim to foster continuous learning through knowledge sharing, workshops, location shoots and other activities that will broaden photography skills while fostering camaraderie among photography enthusiasts in the Firm.”

Here are some of Warren’s photos from his travels here and abroad (click on each thumbnail to enlarge):

From left the Leyte Landing (1/320s f/7.1 at 24.0mm ISO 100); Palmyra, an ancient city in Syria (1/1000s f/11.0 at 17.0mm ISO 800); and vultures at the Maasai Mara Safari in Kenya (1/500s f/5.6 at 200.0mm ISO 100).