Welcome SGV’s newest lawyers!

Once again, SGVeans proved their innate quality and excellence with their outstanding achievement in the 2010 Bar examination results released March 17, 2011. Twenty-four of our very own tax professionals joined the ranks of SGV’s distinguished lawyers. Senior associate Darren Salipsip (LPF Cluster) was among this year’s top placers, placing 10th overall. Out of 4,847 examinees, only 982 passed the exam, representative of a 20.26% passing rate for this year.

MC 1
Gino Angelo Batallones, ACT Cluster
Vladi Miguel Lorenzo, ACT Cluster
Katherine Ann Asilo, FIR Cluster
Nicolina Madrid, FIR Cluster

MC 2
Marie Joyce Maningsong, LQV Cluster
Jay Masangcay, LQV Cluster
Gian Marco Avenido, RMM Cluster
Minerva Jimenez, RMM Cluster
Grace Sarah Tria, RMM Cluster

MC 3
Mark Anthony Lester Magallanes, JER Cluster
Zeus Gamaliel Mendoza, JER Cluster
Karen Kaye Sta. Maria, LPF Cluster
Darren Salipsip, LPF Cluster (10th placer)

MC 4
Genevieve Gonzales, CAR Cluster
Andrei Josef Kasilag, CAR Cluster
Sabrina Gretchen Salgado, FAB Cluster
Badre Salendab, FAB Cluster
Christopher John Torres, FAB Cluster
Raphael Augusto Jose, FKS Cluster
Edward Gialogo, MPT Cluster
Alden Patrick Labaguis, MPT Cluster
Narcisa Medina, MPT Cluster
Jan Manuelle Reyes, MPT Cluster
Ana Katrina Celis, RSD Cluster

Our new lawyers were feted at a breakfast reception with Chairman and Managing Partner Vic Noel and Tax Head Mannie Alcantara on March 22, 2011.

Congratulations to our new lawyers!