There’s no stopping the SGV Glee Club

The SGV Glee Club’s performances are becoming stronger and more professional; thanks in part to the passion and enthusiasm of the club’s talented members, and to Prof. Ed Manguiat, vocal coach and chorale director of the UP Singing Ambassadors.

We caught up with partners Bing Miranda, Ana Lea Bergardo and Aileen Saringan, the club’s advisers/members, to find out what’s in store for SGV Glee Club.

SGV Glee Club’s performances are getting better, how much work goes into preparing for a performance?

Bing: It takes a lot to prepare for a performance. What people hear from Glee is the culmination of hard work, long hours, weekend rehearsals, discipline, and dedication from each Glee member. When you’re part of Glee, it’s not enough that you can carry a tune, but you must be willing to attend workshops, too, to learn skills and techniques that will help you enhance your voice.

How do you deal with the members’ hectic schedules?

Bing: Members also have to manage the demands of work and rehearsals. Some actually get into trouble with their managers or in-charges so they have to miss rehearsals. But they manage. Those who can’t make it to practice, rehearse on their own by listening to MP3s which have tracks of the songs in their voices – whether soprano, alto, tenor, or bass. Others rehearse together if our conductor is not around with some members stepping up to act as our voice coach.

The bottom line is — Glee members enjoy singing and love what we are doing. We get a different kind of “high” when we are able to render a well-performed piece of music. I guess it’s at that point that we realize that we can actually blend our voices well to give justice to the songs that we sing — which gives us reasons to smile despite the sacrifices.

After that rousing performance in the anniversary celebration, surely a lot of our staff would want to be part of the Glee Club. Are there any plans to hold auditions for new members?

Bing: To be honest, we need to have a manageable number of members for the Glee Club because having a lot may be difficult for the conductor to handle. But, given the nature of our work, there is that likelihood that current members may not stay with Glee for long so we need to increase the membership. Holding auditions will definitely help us get others to join the Club.

While definite plans for the club are still under discussion between People Leader Vince Abella and SGV Glee Club’s advisers/members, the future looks bright. “I believe the hours spent in Glee is time well spent. Not only do we learn to sing and do it well, we also learn discipline and value commitment and working together as a team,” says Bing. “To be a Glee member, having a good singing voice is not enough and may not even necessary. One should have the commitment and the passion to be part of the team that individually sounds different but together as one, creates beautiful music,” adds Ana Lea.