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As today’s business environment becomes increasingly complex with a host of tax rules and regulations, it is imperative that businesses equip themselves with the best advice on these matters to compete effectively and efficiently.

NOW, more than ever, enterprises need to find new ways to align their tax strategies with their overall business needs, while meeting their compliance obligations wherever they arise. Our Tax Services can help you make these things happen by assisting you in identifying and implementing the best possible approach to all tax and business concerns.

Tax Compliance Review

Our tax professionals provide a diagnostic evaluation of a company’s tax position, practices, and procedures to determine whether they comply with Philippine tax laws. The objective of the undertaking is to identify potential tax exposures and recommend corrective actions.

Tax Planning Engagement

We help companies identify opportunities or areas where they can effectively generate tax savings within the parameters allowed by law. Tax planning can be made in the areas of regular and minimum corporate income taxation, fringe benefits taxation, etc.

Tax Due Diligence Review

We provide an investor with insights as to the potential tax exposures of an investee company to help determine the valuation to be attributed to the investment and thus, arrive at a sound and informed business decision.

Tax Advocacy/Controversy Work

We assist clients in liaising with the tax authorities for requests for rulings or opinions from the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Department of Finance and in handling controversies and disputes arising from tax assessments. We can also represent enterprises in filing administrative claims for refund from the national and local governments as well as provide assistance in obtaining tax credit certificates from the authorities. We also provide assistance in the sale and/or purchase of tax credit certificates by handling and verifying the related documentary requirements as well as liaising with the tax authorities.

Litigation Support Services

We assist taxpayers who have claims for refund or who have tax assessments by providing a detailed review of the documents supporting their claims for refund or position against the assessments and presenting these to the Court of Tax Appeals. This helps facilitate the presentation of evidence in Court.

Investment Advisory Services

Our tax experts help prospective investors determine the most costand tax-effective vehicle/structure for Philippine inbound and outbound investments. We also assist in the related registration requirements. Likewise, we help plan and implement strategies to reduce tax liabilities for taxpayers doing business in multiple taxing jurisdictions. We can also help develop or review existing financial models for companies to ascertain the tax-implications of different alternatives being considered in the acquisition of investment portfolios.

General Advisory Services

We offer sound and expert advice on a wide range of tax matters such as those relating to corporate organizations and reorganizations, build-operate-transfer projects, joint venture agreements; various contracts and financial products; revenue legislation and rules, etc. We also provide advice and assistance with the registration and reporting requirements of government agencies relating to tax and/or investment incentives granted under various investment laws and regulations as administered by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Department of Trade and Industry, Board of Investments, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Philippine Economic Zone Authority, Clark Development Corporation, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, Local Governments, etc.

Transfer Pricing Services

We provide organizations with a professional assessment of whether their existing intercompany pricing policies comply with tax laws and regulations by reviewing existing transfer pricing methods and recommending the adoption of the optimal model. Likewise, we help formulate planning ideas to ensure that pricing policies comply with regulations in different taxing jurisdictions to reduce risk of double taxation and arrive at an optimal supply-chain structure. We also provide integrated, multi-country approach to meet substantiation requirements to efficiently document transfer pricing policies.

Customs Services

We provide Post-Entry Compliance Review, which can help companies prepare for a Customs audit and thus, minimize potential deficiency customs duties assessment and penalties. Likewise, we can also help business proactively plan future importations to minimize customs duties through our Pre-Importation Planning and Review Service. This will cover the determination of appropriate valuation and classification of importations to be made as well as other requirements to be complied with to ensure the release of the imported goods from the BOC. Moreover, in case of controversies and disputes with the BOC, our Customs Advocacy Service can provide organizations with the expertise and resources in effectively handling these matters. Our General Customs Service can likewise assist companies in securing the necessary permits, clearances, and licenses related to companies import requirements.

Contract Tax Services/Outsourcing

Our tax professionals can provide assistance in determining a company’s tax liabilities, preparing related returns, and remitting these taxes to regulatory agencies within the prescribed deadlines. As an alternative, our Staff Loan services can provide specialized tax expertise in a company’s office to extend real-time and responsive service to meet various tax needs.

Income Tax Return Preparation

We provide companies with expertise in the determination of compensationrelated tax and social security liabilities through our Payroll Outsourcing. The service extends to the preparation of employees’ and expatriates’ Philippine and US Tax Returns as well as in other reporting requirements to be submitted to regulatory agencies.

Estate/Family Wealth Planning

We offer advice on how to effectively reduce gift and estate taxes. We provide tax planning for wealth transfer and tax advice on creation of trusts, and prepare estate and donor’s tax returns.

Tax Seminars

We organize seminars to equip your people with a “Back to Basics” understanding of the Philippine tax system. Focus is on the principles and fundamentals of how various types of taxes operate with details on their implementation and administration. Included in the seminars are discussions on current issues to update participants with the latest pronouncements of various tax agencies. Other seminars also cover tax issues on local government taxation, how to handle claims for refunds and assessments, etc.

Tax Performance Advisory Services / Tax Technology and Transformation

We assist our clients with the strategic and operational challenges facing their tax functions. We also help our clients improve the effectiveness of their tax function and in the implementation and/or optimization of tax processes and software tools. Tax Performance Advisory services include tax function process improvement reviews, process design, software implementation and enhancement, tax data enablement.