TAS associate wins Japanese speaking competition

Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) associate Camille Valerie Torre from the RJG cluster was declared the winner of the 5th Kake Gakuen International Speech Contest Manila Elimination Round. Camille won the Kenjiro Ogata Prize, as well as Nihongo books and a week-long educational trip to Japan in November. During her trip, she will be competing in the finals to be held at the Okayama University of Science, where there will be contestants from different countries, including China, Korea, Malaysia and Pakistan.

A graduate of the De La Salle University with an Honorable Mention, Camille is currently a student of the Philippine Institute of Japanese Language & Culture – Nihongo Center Foundation, Inc. (PIJLC-NCF). After being exposed to Japanese anime with English subtitles at 11 years old, she enrolled in the elementary course of NCF to formally learn Nihongo. Since then, she continued to hone her skills through constant exposure to Japanese media.

“I believe that if you make language learning a part of your lifestyle, remembering phrases and reading words will become natural,” Camille says. She encourages SGVeans to learn any foreign language as it gives one access to a broader environment, a different culture, and new people, helping one grow into a better individual. It will also enable SGVeans to reach out and personally connect with our foreign clients and EY colleagues as well as deliver better services.

Omedetou gozaimasu, Camille-san! Gambatte!