SGV presents EY GISS 2018-19

The SGV CyberSecurity Team recently hosted a presentation on the EY Global Information Security Survey (GISS) 2018-19 last month at the Makati Shangri-La, Makati City. SGV Advisory Partner Warren Bituin (WRB) and EY Asia-Pacific Cyber Leader Richard Watson spoke during the event.

Mr. Watson discussed the results from a global perspective, stating that more organizations are now beginning to recognize the broad nature of cybersecurity threats. He mentioned that over the past year, there has been a growing realization that security is also about maintaining the continuity of business operations. However, the scale and severity of continuously evolving cyber-attacks continue to remain a massive threat.

In his discussion, WRB mentioned that local respondents were unlikely to invest in and improve their cybersecurity measures unless they were to suffer any form of cyber-attack that could have a negative impact on their organizations. However, he also pointed out that more organizations are now increasing their budgets for cybersecurity to improve their defenses and are working on embedding security-by-design.

The event welcomed C-suite business leaders and professionals from various sectors. It served as a venue to discuss the findings of the GISS from a global and local perspective, as well as valuable insights on how organizations can develop effective cybersecurity strategies. This year’s survey included around 1,400 respondents, reflecting the increasing interest in cybersecurity in the business world.

To download a copy of the EY GISS 2018-19, go to: DOWNLOAD LINK