SGV hosts hedging session with Bloomberg

Around 70 executives attended a briefing on hedging developments for corporates and financial institutions. The event was organized against the backdrop of more trade blocs and financial liberalization rapidly taking place, a post-QE environment, and steep fines being imposed on various regulatory infractions that are being imposed alongside the implementation of financial market reforms.

Accounting Standards Group Head Yen Abarca welcomed the participants and encouraged them to share their insights after the session. FSRM partner Ian Lauron gave a lecture on an integrated approach for managing interest, foreign exchange and commodity risks, with emphasis on pre-hedging activities. He also gave an introduction to portfolio revaluation approach for financial institutions.

Bloomberg’ Global Business Manager for Hedge Accounting Ms. Eva de Leon discussed the FX hedge building blocks, optimal strategy tools and FX hedging while Ms. Kristine Lim (Bloomberg Fixed Income Market Specialist) tackled the trends and challenges of valuation using SWPM (Swap Manager), managing multi asset portfolio and IR hedging and hedge accounting workflow. “Ms. de Leon is actually an SGV alumna and was one of the pioneers of the Firm’s Derivatives & Treasury Risk Management practice, which evolved to become our FSRM group today.”

The seminar was followed by an open forum where fruitful exchanges and questions were raised. The participants were also given the opportunity to test what they learned from the seminar using the Bloomberg terminals set-up in the venue.

Bloomberg also conducted a session for selected SGV professionals to demonstrate the newly added commands and recently improved tools which can be used for risk hedging and hedge accounting activities.

Assisting JAA and CGL in organizing the event are managers and seniors with hedging and hedge accounting competencies and responsibilities.