SGV Cebu Reaches Out to Naga Landslide Victims

SGV Cebu partnered with JCI Cebu, Inc. to extend a helping hand to the victims of the recent Naga landslide. Residents in Barangay Naalad and Sitio Sindulan in Barangay Tinaan, Naga City were struck by a landslide on the morning of

20 September 2018. Around 24 houses were buried during the tragedy.

Through concerted efforts during a week-long campaign, they pooled donations in cash and kind including noodles, canned goods, bottled water, and clothes. Volunteer partners and staff from various service lines assisted in the repacking of the goods and donations last month at the Hotel Pier Cuatro, Cebu City. These contributions are expected to aid around 300 families in Naga City.