SGV Cebu helps light up homes

SGV Cebu partners and staff, supported by the SGV Foundation, partnered with JCI Cebu Philippines to extend a hand in lighting up households in Caohagan Island through the Light Up Cebu Project. This project aims to promote renewable energy in off-the-grid communities by installing solar panels to light homes.

Caohagan Island, with a population of approximately 700, has electricity only from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. each day, leaving residents in darkness for the rest of the night, and greatly affecting the study times of the young students on the island.

Twenty-one honor students of Caohagan Elementary School were selected to be beneficiaries of this project, which provided each of their households with a solar panel as a reward for their diligence in studying despite the absence of light. The project aimed to provide the hope of a brighter future for these children to maximize their potential and reach their dreams – all the while promoting the use of renewable solar energy, helping in the fight against climate change.