RMV leads NordCham webinar

Forensics & Integrity Partner Roderick M. Vega (RMV) led a webinar titled Fraud and COVID-19 – Now and Beyond for members of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (NordCham) on 15 October. NordCham’s Membership and Events Manager Maan Yu delivered the opening remarks and emphasized the importance of understanding fraud during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The title slide of RMV’s presentation at the NordCham webinar

RMV discussed emerging fraud trends and schemes resulting from workplace changes. He provided insights on the action steps that organizations can take to manage fraud risks. He also encouraged participants to promote a culture of honesty in their organizations by embedding corporate integrity, fostering trusting partnerships with third parties, and safeguarding data while ethically leveraging its value.

Jesper Svenningsen giving his closing remarks at the NordCham webinar

Maan Yu then moderated the open forum where RMV addressed participant questions. NordCham Executive Director Jesper Svenningsen concluded the session by thanking RMV, SGV and the participants for a productive session. Participants included members of the insurance, beverage, real estate, and retail industries.