Tax Bulletin 2018 Issues:

December (pdf, 307kb)

November (pdf, 271kb)

October (pdf, 272kb)

September (pdf, 306kb)

August (pdf, 276kb)

July (pdf, 263kb)

June (pdf, 264kb)

May (pdf, 297kb)

April (pdf, 236kb)

March (pdf, 357kb)

February (pdf, 308kb)

January (pdf, 293kb)

Tax Bulletin 2017 Issues:

December (pdf, 269kb)

November (pdf, 237kb)

October (pdf, 337kb)

September (pdf, 259kb)

August (pdf, 271kb)

July (pdf, 247kb)

June (pdf, 232kb)

May (pdf, 235kb)

April (pdf, 265kb)

SI on the 2017 Investments Priorities Plan APAC No. 10000221 (pdf, 148kb)

SI on the Proposed Tax Reform APAC No. 10000219 (pdf, 231kb)

March (pdf, 288kb)

February (pdf, 270.36kb)

January (pdf, 261.41kb)

Tax Bulletin 2016 Issues:

December (pdf, 940kb)

November (pdf, 799kb)

October (pdf, 834kb)

September (pdf, 2.23mb)

August (pdf, 862kb)

July (pdf, 837kb)

June (pdf, 910kb)

May (pdf, 768kb)

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February (pdf, 809kb)

January (pdf, 668kb)

Tax Bulletin 2015 Issues:

December (pdf, 274.31 kb)

November (pdf, 241.81 kb)

October (pdf, 203.64 kb)

September (pdf, 338.62 kb)

August (pdf, 211.09 kb)

July (pdf, 260.91kb)

June (pdf, 218.9kb)

May (pdf, 269.97kb)

April (pdf, 519.65kb)

March (pdf, 558.82kb)

February (pdf, 463.6kb)

January (pdf, 564kb)

Tax Bulletin 2014 Issues:

December (pdf, 800kb)

November (pdf, 790kb)

October (pdf, 764kb)

September (pdf, 858kb)

August (pdf, 760.2kb)

July (pdf, 775.6kb)

June (pdf, 854.9kb)

May (pdf, 813kb)

April (pdf, 789.3kb)

March (pdf, 772kb)

February (pdf, 910kb)

January (pdf, 805.2kb)

Tax Bulletin 2013 Issues:

December 2013

November 2013

October 2013

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January 2013