New eCafé now up and running

After four months of eager anticipation, the soft launch of the eCafé finally took place on February 17, 2011. The new eCafé buzzed with excitement as SGV partners and staff, the Atalyer design team and SGV Founder Wash SyCip all came together to attend the blessing. Following the blessing was a cocktail reception where a short before-and-after video presentation on the big transformation of the eCafé was shown.

The new eCafé includes the alumni Center where visiting alumni can buy SGV merchandise, additional concessionaires for more varied food choices, and Wi-Fi access to staff who may wish to work there. An AV control room to support technical requirements of training sessions and events can be found in the mezzanine. Atalyer, the design team behind the conceptualization and renovation, improved aesthetics and used top of-the-line furniture to finish off the look.

The eCafé is now in its full-blown operation with concessionaire MVP Corporation already serving meals starting February 21. With its new and improved amenities, the eCafé is the ideal place for working, dining or hanging out with colleagues.

Head on up to the 15th floor and take advantage of the new eCafé experience!