Manila CoE joins the Asia Pacific Tax Center Bootcamp

Members of the Manila Tax Center of Excellence (CoE) team participated in the Asia Pacific Tax Center (APTC) Bootcamp last 10-12 August 2016, at the G Hotel Kelawai in Penang, Malaysia. Managers Joel Tubog, Hanna Sanchez-Rojo, Mapet Barreda, Joanna Tividad, Teena Palermo and Vina Hao led the 19-member CoE team, with Ryan Oliver Dy and Marivic Rebulanan joining in Penang as representatives of SGV’s ACR-Payroll Operate Services team. Tax Partner Ace Escartin also attended the event, representing Corporate Services.


The Bootcamp was a platform to discuss the APTC’s Asia Pacific growth strategy and special services for Business Tax Services (Tax Performance Advisory and Quantitative Services) and Global Compliance and Reporting (Corporate Services, Global Services and Payroll Operate Services), and connect with other APTC members and teams.

With sponsorship from the APTC Leader and Asia-Pacific Deputy Tax Leader Graham Frank, a number of EY partners and managers from APTC member offices participated in the event including Asia-Pacific Global Compliance and Reporting Leader Jon Dobell, Global Compliance and Reporting Partner and APTC Leader David E. Scott, Tax Performance Advisory Leader Albert Lee, Global Services Leader Julian Wong, Asia-Pacific Corporate Services Leader Mike Fry and Asia-Pacific Payroll Operate Services Leader Francesca Fantuzzi.

The Manila Tax CoE is a regional team based in Manila, and forms part of the Asia Pacific Tax Center. The CoE has specialty segments for GCR Core (Direct Tax, Statutory Reporting and Tax Accounting), Tax Performance Advisory, and Payroll Hub Services, and is currently located at the 5th Floor of SGV-1.