LAP: SGVeans explore ‘pisobilities’

Partners and staff flocked to the recent Liberal Arts Program feature at the WS Development Center Training Rooms 2 and 3 to learn more about savings and investments.

Titled “Explore your Pisobilities,” the lecture was headlined by Mr. Francisco Colayco of the Colayco Foundation for Education. An author, entrepreneur and financial advisor, Mr. Colayco discussed the two sides of a person’s financial profile: the ability to generate active income, which is earned when an individual invests his talent and time; and the ability to generate passive (or investment) income, which is earned from savings. He emphasized the importance of gaining financial independence through maximizing these two capabilities.

He also shared the following tips for aspiring investors:

• Start now.
• Define your goals and roadmap. How much can you save each day/month/year? How much do you want to earn in a year/10 years/20 years and so on?
• Diversify your investments. Do not put everything in one “basket”.
• Be realistic about your risk tolerance.
• Turn market downturns to your advantage. Stick to your plans and don’t panic.
• Invest/Save regularly.
• Review your investment plans and results regularly.
• Stick to the fundamentals.
• Seek independent and professional advice.
• Take losses quickly and profits slowly.

Mr. Colayco concludes with this piece of advice: “Realize that you’ll never be right all the time. Instead, your goal should be to make money when you are right.”