LAP: Conquering the highlands

SGVeans trekked to the WS Development Center Training Room 6 on 15 September for a taste of the great outdoors.

Mr. Long Henson, founder of the Metropolitan Mountaineering Society (MMS), discussed the sport of mountaineering in the Philippines. He presented different mountaineering destinations and outlined how a trekker should prepare before an expedition. The session ended with an open forum, with the participants inquiring about safety precautions and tips for starters.

A number of attendees expressed their interest in joining open climbs as a starting point, and Mr. Henson invited them to upcoming MMS weekend treks for the following dates and locations:

16-17 October
Mt. Ugu, Benguet
Contact: Jason Balingit (63)927-5149511

27-29 November
Mt. Pulag, Benguet
Contact: Mark de Leon (63)906-4823032

26-29 December
Mt. Apo, Davao
Contact: Helen Jamilla (63)919-3813216