Joyce Adalem passes IRS Enrolled Agent exams

Executive director Joyce Adalem recently qualified as an Enrolled Agent (EA) under the United States (US) Treasury Department rules and procedures. Being an EA qualifies Joyce to practice and represent all types of taxpayers before the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a pure tax specialist.

To qualify as an EA, Joyce had to go through a rigorous three-part Special Enrollment Examination. Despite her busy schedule in the Firms’ Human Capital Mobility Compliance Services she was able to achieve this important qualification.

When asked about her recent achievement, Joyce shared: “I do not have any regrets; all the hard work has paid off as I was able to pass all three parts of the exam. I believe that I am the only Filipino EA in SGV. As an EA, I can now handle more engagements for SGV across the whole spectrum of US taxation.”

Keep up the good work, Joyce!