Firm presents record number of SGV Special Awards!

SGV announced the 20 recipients of Special Awards during the 74th Staff Anniversary event last 16 October. The SGV Special Awards were given to 9 teams and 11 individuals in recognition of their outstanding personal, client, team and business leadership. Many of the awardees were recognized for their resilience and exceptional quality service in the midst of pandemic restrictions.

Special Award for Client Leadership

From top left: Grace, Erwin and Aileen

The Special Awards for Client Leadership were presented to three individuals: Tax Senior Director Mary Grace Cabalida for her significant contributions to Tax Transformation initiatives and support for external and internal clients; Strategy and Transactions Director Erwin Daniel Garcia for his ability to cohesively manage client teams and leverage on the best resources and insights for client engagements; and Consulting Senior Director Aileen Uy for her insightful and positive contributions to client projects.

From top left: The B2B Leads to Cash Business Readiness Team, Green Finance Team, Consumer Health Business Integration Project Team, and Project Arrow and Project Wave Team

The Special Awards for Client Leadership were also given to four teams: the B2B Leads to Cash Business Readiness Team for leveraging on relationships with SGV and EY colleagues to provide significant client support; the Consumer Health Business Integration Project Team for the successful integration of the business across five regional markets; the Green Finance Team for bringing together the Firm’s deep sector knowledge on Power & Utilities and Sustainability in a widescale engagement; and the Project Arrow and Project Wave Team for completing complex cross-border engagements by maintaining efficient channels of collaboration and communication.

Special Award for Team Leadership

Rene and Rochelle

The Special Award for Team Leadership was presented to Assurance Senior Director Marco Rene Barredo for prioritizing the development of his team and his contributions to digital audit initiatives in the Firm. Assurance Senior Associate Rochelle Cruzata also received the award for her remarkable performance in the shared service work of a global client.

From top left: The Digital Audit Core Enablement Team, General Counsel’s Office Team, Global Cybersecurity Managed Services Executive Team and Team Aloha

The Special Award for Team Leadership went to four teams: the Digital Audit Core Enablement Team for their admirable initiatives to push for the digital transformation of SGV’s Assurance practice; the General Counsel’s Office Team for their commitment in developing their skills in research and legal guidance to assist internal clients; the Global Cybersecurity Managed Services Executive Team for empowering the infosec operations of a leading global company to address their strategic long-term transformation initiatives; and Team Aloha for their capability in navigating the complex audit and regulatory requirements of a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), leading SGV to be recognized as among the first REIT Advisory service providers in the country.

Special Award for Personal Leadership

From top left: Jerome, Julia, Meleusipo, Leslie, Marius and Zuzete

The Special Awards for Personal Leadership were presented to Consulting Director Jerome Alvarez for his commendable delivery of complex projects while pursuing his passion to be a lifelong learner; Talent Supervising Associate Julia-Anne Deypalan for being an outstanding leader that keeps the Campus Recruitment Team motivated and inspired; Consulting Director Meleusipo Fonollera for his innovative approach to client servicing and team building; Financial Services Organization Senior Director Leslie Anne Huang for being a dependable resource person during difficult and challenging audits and her passion for self-development; Assurance Director Marius Cesar Palacios for consistently demonstrating humility and sincerity in building trust and interpersonal relationships with clients and staff; and Forensics Senior Director Zuzete Ubanan for demonstrating courage and professional integrity during a challenging client engagement.

Special Award for Business Leadership

The Tax Core Team

The Special Award for Business Leadership was presented to the Tax Core Team for their dedicated commitment in assisting clients and regulatory agencies by providing technical expertise to policy makers who needed to craft tax regulations to address the disruptive impact of the pandemic on business and the economy.

Congratulations to all our recipients of the SGV Special Award!