Darel Ibasco: Master quizzer

If you watched Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on July 24, 2011, you might have recognized a familiar face sitting opposite Bossing Vic Sotto — our very own Darel Ibasco!

Darel, a Tax associate from ACE cluster, is no stranger to cracking tough questions. “I was a former member of a quizzing team back in college.” Darel says. “After we graduated, my former teammates and I continued to join quizzing competitions such as the World Quizzing Championship if we have spare time.” To prepare for the show, he took a leave to refresh his knowledge of trivia and current events, and prayed to avoid mental block.

Darel’s winning question was “What famous European landmark was designed by Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei?”

“I excitedly pumped my fist in the air because I knew the answer — the Louvre Pyramid — from reading Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.”

This answer guaranteed him the P400,000 prize, which he decided to take.

“I was really vying for the P2 million prize. However, majority of the questions given to me were beyond my knowledge. When Bossing Vic offered me the P400,000 check, I decided to practice one of the hallmarks of our profession — prudence. The decision paid off, since my guess for the next question was incorrect.”

Sitting on the hot seat proved to be a daunting task early on. Darel candidly shares one of the most memorable moments of his TV stint: “The first question was ‘Anong hayop ang kumokokak?’ I was so nervous, I was thinking of answering “tandang!” Good thing it wasn’t in the given choices!”