CPN in DLSU-FEU commencement rites

Chairman and Managing Partner Vic Noel was the commencement speaker at the graduation rites of the De La Salle University (DLSU) and Far Eastern University (FEU) Master in Business Administration and Juris Doctor (MBA-JD) dual degree program. The ceremony was held at the RCBC Plaza on April 29, 2011.

“You are tasked to contribute to the enrichment of the business environment — leveling up sound corporate philosophy, observing the highest ethical and professional standards, with an invigorated social responsibility mindset,” Vic said as he threw a challenge the new graduates. “Law and business are not, and must not be, mutually exclusive. Both are interdependent to each other and this interdependence has become the yardstick by which business is conducted in this competitive and highly-regulated business landscape,” he adds.

The dual-degree program was created in 2003 by the FEU Institute of Law and the DLSU Graduate School of Business in recognition of the overlapping spheres of law and business. The program’s business component provides a management education that prepares students for results-oriented decision-making, while its law component provides students with the legal knowledge and analytical tools necessary to understand how law affects business and management decisions.