Congratulations to SGV’s new lawyers!

SGV’s deep talent pool now includes 19 Tax senior associates who recently passed the October 2014 bar examinations. Among them is Jamie Liz Yu from the LPF cluster, who placed 9th with a rating of 84%.

• Agot, Virnee Joy T.
• Arbas, Andrei Christopher G.
• Balverde, Roan U.
• Corrales, Joan Rouella P.
• Fortaleza, Karen F.
• Godinez, John Henley C.
• Mancelita, Marga May L.
• Ng, Kenneth S.
• Oporto, Rule Amethyst L.
• Panelo, Daniel Von Evan O.
• Pasicolan, Sheila P.
• Ramirez, Almyrrh Krista F.
• Sandoval Jr., Danilo R.
• Sy, Jerick Anthony J.
• Tan Jr., Melvin S.
• Valmoria, Michael M.
• Vedan, Veda Marie D.
• Villar, Loris Marriel B.
• Yu, Jamie Liz F. (9th place)

The Supreme Court released the names of all 1126 passers (out of 5,984 examinees) last 26 March. The oath-taking ceremony will take place on 24 April.

Kudos to our new lawyers!