ATH welcomes Cebu and Davao

The new year brings exciting developments to the Asia-Pacific Talent Hub (ATH) with the establishment of ATH groups based in Cebu and Davao. The team recently welcomed their new members by conducting an introductory training course held simultaneously in SGV Makati, Cebu and Davao offices via video conferencing. ATH operations manager and Hong Kong market manager Addie Lumbres led the Davao training while Australia market manager Kathryn Manikan and Singapore market manager Elizabeth Naval facilitated the Makati and Cebu teams.

The three-day training covered the general operations of ATH, including an introduction to the teaming model and processes between the onshore and the offshore teams. It also discussed the cultural differences among the various countries where ATH works, as well as specifics on EY Singapore assurance engagements. The mode of delivery, video conferencing, was a simulation of the communication tool used in an actual ATH engagement.

With its growing professional family, the ATH is continually strengthening its capability to deliver innovative and quality services on a global scale.