ATH staff members shine in Perth

There’s no stopping the Asia-Pacific Talent Hub (ATH) as it continues to provide world-class quality work in support of the global expansion initiatives of the firm. One of ATH’s recent win is the secondment of staff members Gerald Libar and Kevin Montoya to Perth in Western Australia.

Gerald and Kevin are currently helping some of our Perth-based mining clients with their audits. Both share the trepidation of working in a foreign country but cherishes the opportunity to build on their global knowledge and experience.

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Win Week: our win, my story – from Manila to Perth for our audit clients

What’s it like working with new clients in a new country? Earlier this year, Manila-based Assurance Seniors Gerald Peter Libar (pictured top) and Kevin Montoya (pictured below Gerald) traveled to Perth to help some of our Perth-based mining clients with their audits.

Kevin says: “Having the opportunity to work in a new country was really exciting. Though I didn’t know too much about Perth when we arrived, we soon figured out it is quite different to Manila!”

“One of the first things we saw – from the window of the apartment we were staying in – was a view of the Swan River. It was great getting up every morning and seeing that.”

At work, some things were slightly different too. Gerald says: “I was working on the audits of four small mining clients. In Manila I’d worked on the audits of much larger organizations. Because these clients’ operations were on a smaller scale, I was able to work closely with their Chief Financial Officers. It was a fantastic chance to work directly with senior management.”

While in Perth, Kevin was part of a cross-border team who performed the Dragon Mining audit. He worked closely with EY teams in Sweden and Finland – as well as with the Asia-Pacific Talent Hub team in Manila who were also assisting on the engagement.

He says: “Being part of a cross-border team, you can really see first-hand how our integration benefits our clients. We were able to work together seamlessly to deliver the audit work.”

“While there are some slight differences in working style, it was great to find that it doesn’t matter where you are working across EY – we all have the same global audit procedures and focus on quality.”

When asked whether there’s anything they’ll bring back to the teams they work with in Manila, Kevin says: “Taking a risk-based approach to our clients’ audits, focusing on the accounts that are high-risk and involving clients more at the technical review stage are some of the things I’d like to be able to take back to my team.”

And on the weekends, both say they enjoyed the opportunity to be tourists. Kevin says: “I loved visiting the city’s parks and I was pretty impressed by the free public buses in the city center too!”

Kevin and Gerald’s mobility placements were part of an audit pilot initiative with the Asia-Pacific Talent Hub led from Sydney and Perth.