Maintaining Your Trust

To grow and create value, your company must have the trust of its customers, lenders, and investors.

The integrity of your company’s financial information and the reliability and security of your technology are critical components in garnering this trust and gaining access to global capital markets. Whether you are managing issues associated with globalization, addressing technology vulnerabilities in the connected economy, or looking to assure the fairness of your financial information — SGV & Co. can help.

We have invested substantially in innovating our global, risk-based audit methodology and technology and knowledge enablers. All our auditors are equipped with our global audit process management and documentation tool. The methodology is supplemented by comprehensive standards and quality controls that are applicable to every client engagement.

External Audit

We provide independent assurance on financial and nonfinancial information to meet regulatory and other stakeholder requirements utilizing world-class business-process-based methodologies and supporting tools. Our Global Audit Methodology and Documentation Approach is a risk-based approach that focuses on the drivers of the business, the associated risks, and the potential effects on financial statements accounts, and delivers a consistent, high-quality audit anywhere in the world.

Compilation and Review Services

We provide compilation services by presenting in the form of financial statements information the representations of management (owners) without expressing any assurance on the statements.

We also provide review services by performing inquiry and analytical procedures that provide the Company with a reasonable basis for expressing limited assurance that there are no material modifications that should be made to the statements in order for them to be in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles or, if applicable, with another comprehensive basis of accounting. This service generally includes limited review of interim financial statements.

Accounting Consultations

We assist companies in the proper applications of accounting principles and provide awareness of new accounting principles that will become effective. These services generally include reports on the application of accounting principles, reports on accounting position through technical research, and accounting updates seminars.

International Accounting Standards Conversions and Advisory

We assist companies in converting their present financial reporting system to International Accounting Standards (IAS) and in addressing accounting, auditing, and other reporting needs as well as other associated business issues. US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) Conversion We assist companies in converting their present financial reporting system to US GAAP and in addressing accounting, auditing, and other reporting needs as well as other associated business issues.

Regulatory Compliance

We assist companies in completing certain reporting requirements under existing rules and regulations of regulatory bodies such as the Board of Investments (BOI), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Philippine Export Zone Authority (PEZA), and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

Extended Audit Services

We provide customized assurance services beyond the traditional external audit scope, such as services on branch project audit, audit of specific account, and fixed asset count.

Accounting Advisory and Consultation Services on Deal Structuring

We advise on the accounting impact of the deal structuring transaction on the financial statements and alternative treatments that might be relevant. This will assist companies in maintaining appropriate market valuation, managing financial reporting risks, understanding sources and timing of earnings and cash flow performance, and determining accounting impact of the transaction structure.

Due Diligence Work

We review financial information based on agreed-upon procedures, assisting acquirers/investors in determining factors affecting the price and post-acquisition financial issues and providing integrated support throughout the acquisition process.

Forensic & Integrity Services

• Fraud and Forensic.
We assist companies in preventing fraud by implementing fraud deterrence programs, as well as provide expert advice and assistance during fraud investigations.

• Assurance Support and
Extended Audit Services. We can provide you with experts to support your external auditor or for expanded operational audit coverage to allow your internal audit function to focus on completing its internal audit plan.

  » Strategic Risk Assessment.
     We assist companies’ top management in developing a summary of the key risks that
     must be properly controlled to optimize shareholder value and insights into how to best manage
     these risks.

  » Risk Management Transformation.
     We advise companies on how to improve existing risk management capabilities
     against leading practices.