ASG joins the 2014 EY Asia Pacific IFRS Learning Event

SGV Accounting Standards Group (ASG) Head Yen Abarca (JAA), led 11 partners and one senior manager who joined the 2014 EY Asia Pacific International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Learning Event held on 13-15 October in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The event aimed to bring together the IFRS Desk members from EY AP offices to discuss recent updates in accounting standards and challenges in implementing new accounting standards, as well as to strengthen the IFRS Desk network, among others.

The first two days were mostly devoted to technical matters. As the chair of the Financial Instruments Subject Matter Group (SMG), JAA gave several lectures on IFRS 9, Financial Instruments. On 15 October, JAA and Employee Benefits SMG Chair and Assurance partner Cyril Valencia also presided over their respective SMG break-out sessions.

Over 100 IFRS Desk members from 13 countries in the Area participated in the event, including representatives from the EY Global IFRS Desk headed by Global IFRS Leader Leo van der Tas, Financial Assurance and Advisory Services Group, Capital Markets Group, Professional Practice Group and the EY Japan IFRS Desk.

Other ASG partners who attended the event were Dhona Señeres, Edith Estacio, Francis Lumbres, Janet Paraiso, John Villa, Jhoanna Go, Johnny Ang, Lucy Lim-Chan and Roel Lucas. Asia Pacific IFRS Desk operations manager and ASG core team manager Emie Villanueva helped organize the event.