ACM addresses the Manila Tytana Colleges Graduating Class of 2019

Last 4 April, Assurance Partner Aris Malantic (ACM) gave a commencement speech during the Manila Tytana Colleges (Tytana) Commencement Exercise for the Senior High School Accounting and Business Management (ABM) strand graduation held at the school’s campus in Pasay City. There were over 500 graduates from Tytana’s ABM strand this school year.

ACM emphasized the value of meritocracy and hard work, noting that the productive use of talents and skills determines career growth. He urged graduates to dream big and expand their horizons in the age of digital disruption.

Among those present during the ceremony were Tytana President and Chief Academic Officer Dr. Sergio S. Cao, Vice President for Academics and Research Dr. Maria Veronica Joy M. Binuya, and Senior High School Principal Prof. Ofelia Mallabo-Mutas.